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  1. Patch Notes 11.24.2015

    Optimization Patch

    - Loading and zone crossing heavily optimized.
    - Client side data structures optimized for better performance.
    - Client side threads reorganized for better performance.
    - Cause of occasional server lock ups identified and fixed.
    - Minor potential crashes fixed.
    Patch Notes
  2. Developer Update 11.21.2015

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    The Peace Server has been updated with a potential final fix for the server lockups that have been occurring from time to time (especially this past week). The War Server will be updated during the next maintenance.

    For a long time, the server has been locking up roughly once a month. Although with each lock up I would obtain additional clues to the problem, it's been very difficult for me to locate the exact cause.

    With the recent increased ...
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  3. Developer Update 11.18.2015

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    The Test Server is open to the public to test out optimizations to object loading functions.

    Recently players have alerted me to increased loading times and lag during zone crossings (again) due to the amount of construction going on in game. I've spent the past several days working non stop on optimizations to speed up loading and better manage in game objects. The results look very good so far and this patch will be ready to go after a bit more testing. ...
    Developer Updates
  4. Developer Update 11.16.2015

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    Just a heads up for today. I'm going to run some very specific data loading tests on the Test Server with the assistance of the Guide Team over the next few days.

    During this time, data on the Test Server will be strange (for example, all objects will appear as floors). For players that like to join in on the Test Server, you can just ignore the strange things you'll see until I post again calling for specific public tests.

    Developer Updates
  5. Welcome Stations Arrive!

    Another unique feature debuted in Xsyon this past week, the Welcome Station!

    Welcome Stations allow existing tribes to stage entrance areas for new players. New players arrive at these stations where they can find nearby quests and items for sale and where they can leave messages and apply for tribe membership.

    Tribe leaders and members with permissions can manage the stations and accept new tribe members while they are offline.

    The Welcome Station is designed ...
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