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  1. Developer Update 09.29.2014

    Today Xsyon released a new installer and launcher. This launcher removes the second log in and allows the player to select a server at the game screen.

    In addition, collision has been improved as a big step to officially supporting multiple story construction without any terraforming tricks.

    Full patch notes are here

    If you encounter any problems with the latest changes, in particular the revised launcher or collision, please post here

    In addition, ...

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    Developer Updates
  2. Patch Notes 09.29.2014

    Installer / Launcher
    - New Launcher removes the second log in and allows the player to select the War or Peace server at the game screen.

    The latest installer is here

    - Improved cart collision so that players can carry carts up ramps and in tighter situations. This collision does allow the cart to go through walls, but this is a trade off.
    - Object placement on buildings revised, taking into account multiple story construction and improved placement ...

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  3. Patch Notes 09.08.2014

    These patch notes include minor changes that have been patched during maintenance times over the past two weeks.

    - Flavor system secondary flavor balance adjusted.
    - Recipes without secondary ingredients corrected. (This does not apply to recipes already saved, which will be adjusted this week.)

    Bug Fixes
    - Female eating animations fixed so that they end correctly as eating ends.
    - Master skewer recipes fixed.
    - Issue with free players ...
    Patch Notes
  4. Xsyon Farming & Cooking Update Announced!

    The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG, Xsyon has released its most highly anticipated update of the year, introducing farming and cooking systems to the game!

    Xsyon players can now plant and raise a variety of different crops, watering, tending and fertilizing them to obtain bountiful harvests.

    Xsyons innovative cooking system allows players to combine the ingredients and seasonings of their choice to create their own recipes. Players must match ingredient types and ...
  5. Developer Update 09.01.2014

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    A few important changes are coming to Xsyon over the next few months.

    1) Tomorrow I will make a formal announcement of the Farming and Cooking update to game sites. I waited until now in order to iron out minor bugs and issues with the update.

    2) Starting October 1st, the monthly subscription fee will be raised back to $14.99. Quarterly, bi-annual and yearly payments will be adjusted accordingly.

    For those of you with current ...
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