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  1. Patch Notes 08.25.2014

    - Cooking is accessed by right clicking a lit fire. This gives the Roast option.
    - The cooking panel allows you to create a custom recipe from a set of Primary, Secondary and Seasoning ingredients.
    - As you gain skill you can combine more ingredients to create a recipe.
    - You can scroll through the recipe levels to create simpler recipes below your current level.
    - Food ingredients include animal parts, fish, foraged plants and grown crops.
    - Items serve ...

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  2. Big Update Tonight!

    The big farming and cooking update will be released late tonight!

    The servers will be down from 12 midnight PST until 6 AM PST August 25th.

    This long window of downtime is required in order to run scripts to adjust data for the many changes in this patch. Full patch notes will be posted tomorrow.
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  3. Farming and Cooking Ready for Testing!

    The upcoming massive farming and cooking update is ready for final testing!

    The Test Server is now open to the public and will remain open all weekend. A lot has gone into this patch. Read all the details here
    Developer Updates
  4. Xsyon Terrain Reversion Update Released!

    The biggest patch of the year so far, terrain reversion, is here!

    Since launch, Xsyon players have been shaping the landscape, raising mounds, digging trenches, carving creeks and laying the foundations for their homesteads, cities and monuments.

    With tribes moving and becoming abandoned, the sandbox game world became disrupted over time with scars of past projects across the land.

    This week's big terrain reversion update erodes the land as it reverts back ...
  5. Patch Notes 06.25.2014

    Terrain Reversion

    - Terrain reverts land to its original height over time on public land.
    - Water on public land rapidly reverts to its original level.

    - Terrain on tribe land plus a buffer around the tribe does not revert.
    - The tribe leader can set the buffer between 0 and 10 meters.
    - The default buffer is 10 meters.

    - Terrain reversion on public land is blocked by completed buildings.

    - Small objects such as bins and bundles ...

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