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  1. Developer Update 04.01.2014

    The Test Server is open with some major changes in progress including Terrain Reversion and Farming. Please come check things out and provide feedback!

    - Terrain Reversion: More information here
    - Data cleanup: More Information here
    - Farming: More information here
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  2. Developer Update 03.31.2014

    You may notice some files being patched out today. These files are for the upcoming farming system and will affect the test server only. I will post more details once the files are completely patched out.
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  3. Developer Update 03.21.2014

    By request I've added stat adjustments to all characters who had more than 2 stat adjustments used on both servers.

    The Test Server is currently running the terrain reversion system. I will post another update when this is ready for public feedback.
    Developer Updates
  4. Xsyon PvE Server Launched!

    As of today, the apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG, Xsyon will be available on two servers: War and Peace! (PvP and PvE)

    With this highly requested and anticipated move, we hope to reach a wider audience and grow the Xsyon community catering to players who enjoy fantasy games both with and without conflict.

    The War Server (PvP) continues to allow player versus player combat and looting.

    The Peace Server (PvE) does not allow player versus player combat or looting. ...
  5. Patch Notes 03.17.2014

    War and Peace Server Launch

    The War (PvP) Server allows for player vs player combat and looting.

    The Peace (PvE) Server does not allow players to hit or loot other players.

    Players are allowed one character on each server (on one account).

    Active (paid) subscriptions will keep characters on both servers active.

    Inactive (unpaid or Guest) subscriptions will require the player to login to each server to keep each character active. ...

    Updated 03-20-2014 at 10:39 PM by Xsyon

    Patch Notes
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