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  1. zymmie's Avatar
    I didn't know where else to post this so my apologies. Has UI issued been fixed yet? I still can't play Xsyon on my laptop. The higher the resolution the smaller and smaller UI gets. I have tried windowed, border-less and full screen. I have changed resolutions on my laptop to match game resolution. I have changed scaling of text, fonts and apps. Nothing is working. This is very frustrating. Full screen mouse doesn't work and game freezes. Font is so small I cant see it. Any suggestions?
    Again here is info on my laptop I'm using:
    Inspiron 7000 series with the following specs: Intel Core I7-6700HQ, 16GB of RAM, 1 TB HHD and 250GB SSD, A dual graphics Intel HD, and NVidia GTX 960M(4GB).
  2. Sjosjo's Avatar
    The PVE server keeps on timing out, although it should be online. I hope you could fix this. I really like to play Xsyon again :)
  3. Kruno's Avatar
    I didn't have any issues logging in, but after a few minutes my ping stuck and i couldn't do anything at all. Had to force close the client. I've been trying to get back in, but the server keeps timing out. This is on the PVE server. The PVP server said it was down for maintenance.
  4. ferglong's Avatar
    Got log in issues.

    When I try to connect to PvE server I get a "Unable to connect to Server: Incorrect Username or Password" message
    When I try to connect to PvP server I get a "Unable to connect to Server: Timed out" message.
    Updated 05-12-2017 at 06:58 PM by ferglong
  5. Hero's Avatar
    Great patch, Would love to see pulled Scrap DEgenerate and dissapear (like pulled up cloth etc) if not completley be taken out, no need to pull it up when you can use scav ability anyway and just adds lag when someone piles up tonnes of it.
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