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  1. Hero's Avatar
    Great patch, Would love to see pulled Scrap DEgenerate and dissapear (like pulled up cloth etc) if not completley be taken out, no need to pull it up when you can use scav ability anyway and just adds lag when someone piles up tonnes of it.
  2. Blazette's Avatar
    Keep up the good work, once you get down the sync issues the doors of opportunity will open.
  3. millsdo's Avatar
    EPIC update! Great work sir!
  4. whiteskies's Avatar
    all the fixes and updates are nice but you broke the revive port on death the revive window is blank and spawns you in founders
  5. EvilGreebo's Avatar
    OMG THAT'S HUGE!!! YAY! Scrap pile regen!!!

    So how fast does grass regen? Will this mean that it will be socially acceptable to farm for specific material types instead of scavenging?
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