• War Server Is Up

    Peace Server Is Up

  • Xsyon Farming & Cooking Update Announced!

    The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG, Xsyon has released its most highly anticipated update of the year, introducing farming and cooking systems to the game!

    Xsyon players can now plant and raise a variety of different crops, watering, tending and fertilizing them to obtain bountiful harvests.

    Xsyons innovative cooking system allows players to combine the ingredients and seasonings of their choice to create their own recipes. Players must match ingredient types and flavors to produce dishes that provide buffs and bonuses. Players can save their recipes in a cookbook and create special signature dishes.

    This update also ramps up the survival aspect of the game as players now forage, fish, build fires and cook to survive and thrive in this apocalyptic new world!

    Full patch notes are here

    XsyonMaster 09-08-2014 08:05 PM

    Xsyon Terrain Reversion Update Released!

    The biggest patch of the year so far, terrain reversion, is here!

    Since launch, Xsyon players have been shaping the landscape, raising mounds, digging trenches, carving creeks and laying the foundations for their homesteads, cities and monuments.

    With tribes moving and becoming abandoned, the sandbox game world became disrupted over time with scars of past projects across the land.

    This week's big terrain reversion update erodes the land as it reverts back to its original form. The cleaned up terrain provides untouched areas for new players to settle and current players to migrate, expand and facilitate travel and trade routes.

    Full patch notes are available here

    XsyonMaster 06-28-2014 01:04 AM

    Xsyon Kicks Off New Weekend Event Series!

    We're going to start up a new series of weekend events starting with a wild Raccoon Roundup this coming weekend. Events will run on both the War (PvP) and Peace (PvE) Servers.

    For more information check:

    The Event Calendar

    The Event Forums

    XsyonMaster 05-16-2014 05:47 AM

    Xsyon Tutorial and Survival Update Patched!

    Today's patch welcomes new players to Xsyon, providing a set of detailed Tutorial screens and setting up newcomers with additional equipment and skills that will help them learn to survive and thrive in the world of Xsyon.

    This patch also provides improved campfires, revised hunger, thirst and energy use and many minor adjustments to please players old and new.

    Full Patch Notes are available here

    XsyonMaster 05-02-2014 09:38 AM

  • Developer Update 09.01.2014

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    A few important changes are coming to Xsyon over the next few months.

    1) Tomorrow I will make a formal announcement of the Farming and Cooking update to game sites. I...

    XsyonMaster 09-02-2014 03:17 AM

    Big Update Tonight!

    The big farming and cooking update will be released late tonight!

    The servers will be down from 12 midnight PST until 6 AM PST August 25th.

    This long window of downtime is required in order to...

    XsyonMaster 08-24-2014 05:25 PM

    Farming and Cooking Ready for Testing!

    The upcoming massive farming and cooking update is ready for final testing!

    The Test Server is now open to the public and will remain open all weekend. A lot has gone into this patch. Read all the...

    XsyonMaster 08-02-2014 06:29 AM

  • Patch Notes 09.08.2014

    These patch notes include minor changes that have been patched during maintenance times over the past two weeks.

    XsyonMaster 09-09-2014 02:17 PM

    Patch Notes 08.25.2014

    - Cooking is accessed by right clicking a lit fire. This gives the Roast option.
    - The cooking panel...

    XsyonMaster 08-25-2014 09:13 AM