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    Farmers Of The New World


    Hello Xsyon i am starting a new tribe. We are on a simple mission to create a haven for farmers(crafters,fighters,gatherers ex). We will share the land as a tribe and expand into possibly more locations our goal isnt to be power hungry but to help the aid of the new world, we will remain nuetral but will defend our land from any one who attempts to take it. We do not kill others unless they have done harm to us.


    I do not have any requirements but looking for people who wish to help others in having a fun tribe to be around with and have the same common goals.

    How do i join?

    To join just PM me or reply on this thread, our goal is to get together at release date or any earlier times.

    Any ranking systems?

    There will be no ranking system but older members will have more authority over new members.

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    Re:Farmers Of The New World

    Motto for you: "Farmers Of the New World Unite!"

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    Re:Farmers Of The New World

    Welcome TO Xsyon

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    Re:Farmers Of The New World

    Another valid reason in proving that majority of gamers get drunk or high before going on :P. Though I haven't much room to talk, but still...
    All things that pass will be reborn somewhere else stronger and better; thus, obsoleting any remains of the former.

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    Re:Farmers Of The New World

    well how else would one find forums entertaining? and welcome, New World Farmers.

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    Re: Farmers Of The New World

    are the servers up?
    just down loaded ,

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