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    Games Engine

    Just curious, was the game made using some licensed engine or was everything build from scratch?

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    Re:Games Engine

    Virtus told me it was a custom engine that uses speedtree 5.1 and speedgrass 4

    Wondering if they built it from scratch also.

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    Re:Games Engine

    Yeah, i'd also like to know if it was custom made.

    The possibilities are very slim, if it was custom made then it'd take longer to actually be able to implement those features.
    But most of the top notch games are made using a engine.

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    Re:Games Engine

    As far as i know the game runs on an engine Jooky created from scratch.

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    Re:Games Engine

    Engines built around games work out better in the long run. You really understand how much you can have and what its capabilities are, and you can always go back and tweek it more toward your game.

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