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    Another sandbox wanderer...

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I just heard about this game today for the first time on forums and read the list of features, and like many of you was pretty lambasted. On paper, it certainly sounds like the next coming. However, this is not my first crack at a sandbox MMORPG, especially an indie one. I missed out on Ultima Online, but since then, have tried many of these types of games, mostly to be disappointed. So I am definitely keeping my optimism in check, but do wish the Xsyon devs the best of luck, and will closely follow its development.

    I hope they will learn from the failures of other indie sandbox games (e.g. the extremely boring grind of Roma Victor, the incessant ganking and lack of non-combat content of Darkfall), and from the successes of games like Eve Online, which started small and evolved over time. Judging by their plan to release the game in gradual installments, it seems like they are on the right track, but only time will show.

    So hello again to everyone here, and see you all around...

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    Re:Another sandbox wanderer...

    Thanks Arcane!

    Believe me, the lead has had more then enough experience working for other indie companies and knows what not to do.

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    Re:Another sandbox wanderer...

    I also just learned about this game from MMO and come here to sign up. This game looks really good.

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    Re: Another sandbox wanderer...

    I'm the exact same, i'm really hoping this game delivers on the features since they look incredible

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    Re:Another sandbox wanderer...

    Lol, may as well jump on the band wagon.

    Im new here, heard about it on Darkfall Forums, best of luck!

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