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Thread: Skill Question?

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    I was reading the Skills section in the Feature list which is great, but I am wondering if there will be some more detail on the Skills themselves before release so that we can try to plan our character development out a bit.

    Also, will there be a set cap on the skill points or is the decay system meant to balance that there is no cap?
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    There will be no skills caps. However, the skills are based on a curve thus making it extremely hard once you get into the higher levels.

    But yes, on top of this the decay system as well as learning ability of the character will stop them from because Jacks of all trades.

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    No skill caps, that's nuts lol. The long time players going to be wiping the floor with the carebears.

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    If you're a crafter then you'll need to specialise to become great at something. It doens't mean that a master crafter can craft anyhting and everything.
    Also I hope that the combat is far more player skill based than stat based. That should stop old players being indestrucible machines of death.
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    Kind of like a soft cap really..
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    Skill Question?

    Hey everyone,

    Along with everyone in the forums, i am VERY impressed by the list of features this game presents...

    I had one question that i dont think has been answered in the forums..

    "Skills decrease over time if not used"

    How does this work? with over 50 skills im sure it will be hard to maintain.

    When do skills start decreasing? how long must i not use that certain skill before i lose those specific talents?

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    Re:Skill Question?

    Curious why the number of skills has anything to do with the maintaining of your skills.

    If I am assuming what you are saying correctly, you cannot master nor should you attempt to master all skills, it is not the idea of the game. The idea to to become very good at a hand full (5-6?) and maintain those. This also stops people from being 1 man armies and dominating the crafting world because they spend 5000 hours a week playing.

    The skill decrease will be within a reasonable amount of time. You won't have to worry about not using a skill for a day and it dropping a point because of that.

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    Re:Skill Question?

    Virtus wrote:
    This also stops people from being 1 man armies and dominating the crafting world because they spend 5000 hours a week playing.
    You aint't good in math are you :P. I hope though that it is true that people can not be an one man army and master all. I normally hate that about game and also means that it is harder if not impossible for newer players to catch up.

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    Re:Skill Question?

    what i mean by the number of skills is that there are over 50.. ranging from a wide variety... i know you cant max em all out and be a one man army... but say im going up a bunch of skills... including fishing... but i dont go fishing for 2-3 weeks will i lose my skill in fishing then?

    what about when i quit the game... and decide to return after 5-6 months... will i then lose everything?

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    Re:Skill Question?

    Only a guess, but I would say that yes, after 2-3 weeks you will indeed start seeing it drop. At what rate rate? i don't know.

    You bring up a good point with that second statement. It would be good to either stop skill decay on log off or have a vacation mode

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