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    Ok let me start off by saying I keep getting told that its 1RL year for every 8in game years if this is true i would like someone to do the math for me and tell me

    1)how long in game is 1 month to RL time

    2)how long is 1 year in game to RL time

    Thank you for the answers
    Take A Knee Bow To No One

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    Re: Time

    1) 1/8 of a real month
    2) 1/8 of a real year
    There is the high level design of a gameplay mechanic. Then there is what everyone does in spite of it.

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    What is this your homework. I'm not gonna do your homework for you!!

    Haha, j/k.

    If 1 RL Year = 8 Game Years (if this is true) then:

    12 RL months = 96 = (8*12) Game Months
    Thus 1 RL month = (8*12)/12 = 8 Game Months or (8/12) = 2/3 a Game Year.

    Thus 1 Game Year = (1/8) = .125 RL Year or 1.5 RL Months.

    Easy Peasy
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    thank you thank you and no lol not homework just somthing i wanted to know
    Take A Knee Bow To No One

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