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    no Mouse Pointer...

    Got all patched up but in full screen my mouse pointer is gone...
    Ibilisi Mtoto

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    Re:no Mouse Pointer...

    Does this happen every time you log in?

    Please email with your latest log files and computer specifications (or better,use the support form).


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    Re:no Mouse Pointer...

    i get the same, and yes every time i log on, full screen not windowed.

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    Re:no Mouse Pointer...

    i fixed this by doing this :

    vsync off

    turned resolution from 1680x1050x60 to 1680x1050x59

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    Re:no Mouse Pointer...

    altough my fix works, if i alt-tab, the cursor is gone until i restart the game.

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    Re:no Mouse Pointer...

    When u are in the game world, just right click, its a problem with "show mouse procedure", thats all
    Or go into combat mode and then exit from it

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