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    How do you cancel?

    Is there anyway to cancel the account?

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    Re:How do you cancel?

    Just click cancel. :P

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    Re:How do you cancel?

    Hmm... why would anyone cancel.. the game hasn't even started yet :huh:

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    Re:How do you cancel?

    kilzfire wrote:
    Is there anyway to cancel the account?
    sure. just search "cancel account" or "refund". this was discussed in different threads.

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    Re:How do you cancel?

    Use the support form on the main page. However might I note that after release you get 2 months free. So, you get all of pre-release (however long that will be) plus 2 months after before you have to start paying monthly.

    I know we currently do not have an account management section but we will with the new website. (Since no one is being paid monthly yet we did not see the point in having one just yet)

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