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    Crafting & Skills

    Hello everyone, I would like to start an official thread for crafting and skills related. Have folks here post information, discussion, comments and such on here if they/you/folks dont mind.
    This way we dont have to do a search or surf the forum, not that we do anyways. But trying to make it easier. Please, no flame, no negative remarks or the likes. Basically trying to make it easier for those who do crafting/skills to have a place to share their thoughts. Feel free to post what information you found, gathered, acquired, or suggestion.

    So far these are what we have to select at character creation:

    Basketry: Lasher, Weaver, Needle, Scissors
    Bonecraft: Scewdriver, Drill, Awl, Pliers
    Leathercraft: Scissors, Knife, Punch
    Tailoring: Needle, Scissors, Pins, Chalk
    Toolcraft: Hammer, Knife, Screwdriver, Wench
    Weaponcraft: Hammer, Knife, Pliers, Screwdiver

    Scavenging: Scavage items/things from the land
    Fishing: Fish from lakes and rivers
    Logging: Cutting down trees (comes with small axe if you select
    this as one of your starting skills)
    Terraforming: Landscapping (comes with shovel if you select this
    as one of your starting skills)
    Hunting: Skin animals and such

    Crafts/skills you get automatically without having to select:
    Foraging: Forage plants and berries type
    Firebuilding: Making campfire
    Cooking: (Currently not working)
    Running: Run faster and longer before gettig tired?
    Swimming: Swim faster and longer before getting tired?
    Jumping: Jump higher?

    I do not know what each of the starting stats/ability score will have in common with related skills/crafting.

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    Re:Crafting & Skills

    Nice post Ravenstorm!

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    Re:Crafting & Skills

    Hey thanks Thor. Going to add some info for each seperate cracfting. Taking a small break from the game at the moment. I found out starting crafting comes with random patterns/sheme (recipe). That I didnt know lol. So eventually one would be able to get all the recipe/pattern/schemes. No one person will start off with the exact pattern/schemes (rerolled 12 different characters and all had different starting recipe). What I do not know is how the stats/ability score will have any effect on how one skill up faster or more consistantly (failing less per attemp).

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    Re:Crafting & Skills

    I dont have much info on fishing yet, will work on that sunday hopefully. Cooking i dont know anything yet so will have to hold off on that.

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    Re:Crafting & Skills

    Very nice thread Raven.
    Even for non-English-motherlanguaged folks these posts could be a great resource to get into touch with the different ingame-abilities.
    And I like your simple but not trivial kind of writing.
    Keep it rocking

    PS: And yes, I've learned it the hard way that there is a random allocation of recipes. With my main-char I have had selected basketry and wondered how those guys (f.e. from Shinra lol) are able to build those sweet basic clothes, because all I had were rather complicate recipes needing stuff like 'metal decoration', and if you must have it you may search for hours to get some lol. Yesterday I - for another experiment - created a new basketry-guy and hey: All those basic-recipes where in and I was able to enrobe the toon completely in one hour - and now I especially know what 'plates' are ^^

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    Re:Crafting & Skills

    Hello. Thank you Snake.

    Have question for anyone, for I am getting a little fustrated now on my tailoring. Is there a skillcap? I am stuck at 99 and been there since making this new thread and part of yesterday working on tailoring. It took a few hours to get from 97 to 99. However, its been over 6 hours of continue tailoring and the point is still at 99. Just wondering. And how do you post screenshot on the forum?
    Ok back to tailoring

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    Re:Crafting & Skills

    Hey folks, just logged back in. For some reason I had to log out for a few minutes for the skill to catch up or something. Am at 100 now in tailoring. Ok so there is not skill cap (yet). Dont know why its working now, i logged off before thinking it was lag or something and was at 99. Anways its back to normal, so back to tailoring again. This is the second time I notice skill went up by itself after you log out and log back in a few minutes/hour later. Last night I logged off at 98 but I logged in at 99 this morning. And now that I logged off for more then 15 minutes and logged back in its at 100. Hmm i dont understand. Oh before I forget, the higher your skills the less likely you will fail on making/crafting things. So far I have not seen any new recipe added to my list. All of the crafting I have noticed have a random skill cap. Depends on what recipe you start off, some folks get more recipe when they create their characters some less. Its still random at the moment.

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    Re:Crafting & Skills

    Ravenstorm wrote:
    And how do you post screenshot on the forum?
    Well :silly:, I upload the screenshot to my own WebServer and post the link here lol. That's how it's most practicable for me, because even if holding the limits for pictures (800x800, <200K) here I only one time succeeded. Maybe it has to be a GIF or PNG or JPG or BMP or whatever. It works but is a bit unconvenient in my opinion. :blink:

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    Re:Crafting & Skills

    Easy, Type the name of the file, *.JPG in the "select image file to attach." after that, click in the text window where you would like the image to be. then "click on [img]" link. and it should put this -> [[img/] , in your text window. Then click submit. The size of image should not exceed 800x800 size

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    Re:Crafting & Skills

    omg it works, thanks so much joexxx and snake.

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