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    My question to you...

    I'm by no means a wiki expert, nor a wiki-admin (that knows how to do the job at least), but I do know a wiki is going to be required. And with fiddling around with mediawiki on both my own PC and my private website (no you can't have the link), I have been trying to find out what information needs to be displayed in a quick and easy manner.

    Obviously we can't plan for Prelude just yet as no one has access to that information, but we can at least try and decide what information is needed at a quick glance, and try and decide on a good way to display such information.

    How the wiki is done is yet another concern, however we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

    Doh and of course I forget to do the linky

    This is version one, the box on the right hand side is mostly what I'm interested in. Do we have any wiki literate people here that want to know the template entry means?

    Image link
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    Re:My question to you...

    Greetings kiwi,

    it's a great idea to build such a wiki, and I think one can see out of some threads here that there is a need for it.

    I'm no wiki-expert too, and I'm - perhaps of lacking English aspects :unsure: - also not sure what exact you wanted to ask.

    What I can say is that I normally more like systems having the overview or pictures on the left and the text on the right side. That's just a matter of taste I know, for me I mostly like reading in the middle of the screen, not so much falling down at the left side of my desk if perhaps having a rest :silly:

    I would perhaps position the gif of the constructed item right beside the name to distinct it from the tools and materials needed. But that is all nearly pettifogging because the main thing is: WE NEED IT And concerning the principes what the box shows that's pretty okay.

    Cheers, Snake.

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    Re:My question to you...

    Hello. I have no clue on the wiki.

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    Re:My question to you...

    I like what u doing. Another question is this.
    I got basketry craft. And i can produce grass thread. Can i also make a different kind of thread, not just grass thread?

    grass - thread,
    denim - thread,
    Cotton - thread,
    Wool - thread, etc...

    If i have the right ingredients?

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    Re:My question to you...

    I considered starting a wikki as well but found that one already existed,

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    Re:My question to you...

    Paradox wrote:
    I considered starting a wikki as well but found that one already existed,
    yes, and here is the thread for it anounced by Virtus. But it seems it's got a bit unmaintenanced

    PS: Btw Kiwi, who is Seba? :laugh:

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    Re:My question to you...

    Rbomb does a great job in wiking adminship, he owns and develops (iirc) them on a large scale.

    Which is a pretty choice wiki.
    We have cool new forums... Y~A~Y

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