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Thread: Rubicon outfit

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    Rubicon outfit

    Hello, trying to post a picture of what some of the rubicon outfit looks like. Will post another shot with all rubicon later on sometime. Hopefull this screenshot will work, kinda getting the hang of it.

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    Re:Rubicon outfit

    I can see Xsyons Next Top Model coming :woohoo:

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    Re:Rubicon outfit

    Hey folks. I finally made a full suit, every piece of rubicon and almost done with Mugawlu armor set. If anyone has some, most or all of the armor set for that type, please show us what it looks like. Going to use all my resource and supplies since server wipe is coming soon this week.

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    Re:Rubicon outfit

    Hello everyone. Heres the full sets of Rubicon Outfit. The Rubicon set includes: Shin Guards, Hiking Boots, Knee Pads, Goalie Mask, Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Bracer Band, Elbow Pad, Gambeson, Loin Guard, Breeches, Spaulders, and Gorget.

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