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    Fishing theres a lot of fish

    Hey folks. Am working on fishing for time being, taking break from tailoring and leathercraft. Found some fish that you eat will have differnt hunger bar level. Rainbow trout fills your hunger bar about 40%. So far only fish I found that gives a huge increase is the and its 70-75% fills the hunger bar. Cant move much if any at all right now, my encumbrance level is double and its almost touching the monitor, its off the grid. Have about 140 fish so farn plus other stuff in my inventory. Cant wait to try cooking out with fish and foraged plants. Will try fishing in the lake next, right now am fishing in the rivers. And fish are heavy, some are heavier then others too.

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    Re:Fishing theres a lot of fish


    Uploaded with

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    Re:Fishing theres a lot of fish

    Where did you get a fishing rod from please? I rolled a fisherman and got no free rod :|

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    Re:Fishing theres a lot of fish

    Hello. Hmm not sure where your fishing pole went. If you included fishing as one of your skills you selecte from creation page, you should have a pole. It should be in your invenotry doll, at the upper part of the window/doll menu along with several weapon slots.
    You can drag the fishing pole to the bottom where the default weapon is and use the fishing pole. Other then that not sure why you would have a fishing pole. If anything try making the same character again and see if you get fishing pole. Other then that, i do not know.

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    Re:Fishing theres a lot of fish

    Ty...I'll try that.

    EDIT: My dumb arse....that character wasn't a fisherman :blush:

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