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    My wife just brought up a good point (I always listen to her, atleast until she leaves the room. LOL). If you kill a bear why is there not any meat? Shouldn't there be meat for when cooking is turned on? Sorry, not trying to put anything more on the Devs plates (Get it Plate - Meat. LOL) but, I hope it is something that has or is going to be addressed. Besides, they have fat squirrels up around Tahoe (I have seen them.). :P

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    Yes, and those deer would dress out to some fine foods as well.
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    Hey all. I was hoping when they got cooking ready for testing, that would be the case on the animals. Meat will be one of the options, but thats just a guess. Other then using plants/forage to season cooking or painting (berries/color). Gathering branches, making fire, would probably be part of cooking. Need a fire, but then what craft would make cooking pans and such? Toolcraft? On the load screen when you log in, they show a giant dead rat with arrows and two guys (maybe a guy and a girl i dont know), sitting down after a hunting and cooking 8 steaks of some type...think its the giant rat they are cooking.
    So yeah, meat would be an addition I think later on when cooking is somewhat ready to be tested. Fish would be one of the first recipe i think they hvae installed. Fish and animal meat is a good varity and forage plants/berries.

    ....k fine its not a rat....looks like a giant rat....k its a bear. :blink:

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