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Thread: Scavenging?

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    Hey! I just pre-ordered this game a day ago and bin enjoying the feeling of freedom when you roam! But ive found scavenging dreadful! Ive bin walking for 2 hours spamming my scavenge button all the way and only had 3 loots!
    Am i just plain unlucky or is it just the way it is?

    Eik Hays.

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    are you in a trash pile or out in the grass/dirt?

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    Grass/Dirt/Rock and so on yea..
    But ive tried the scrap piles but didnt seem like dropping much either.

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    Go to a trash pile and in 30 minutes you will be overburdened. :woohoo:

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    Will that be by using the scavenge button or using the resource button? (Scrap Plastic, leather, metal and fabrics?)

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    scavenge, although it sometimes seems like you are getting just a little bit of the same stuff, keep going. When you get your scavenging level up you get some better stuff that you can't get any other way

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    Hello, making coffee here so have time to read and post :P

    The scavenging is a finger click click. At skill level 5 (if you didnt select scavenging as one of your starting skills) it will take a lot of tries before getting an item. At higher skill level (75-100+) your skills imrpoves by getting/finding rarer/harder items. Weapons will be found/scavenged, recipe will be more common, but trying to find a specific item at high level is still random. You cant (as far as I know) go to an area/spot and scavenge for one type of item/specific item your needing. Its all radnom. As for me the only thing I seem to not get often if much, is the medal decoration, only four so far yet have 30+ recipes and everything else it seems lol. So keep trying, build up your scavenging skills. And let your fingers rest some lol.

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    you lucky one Raven, ,
    I have found all kind of stuff, up to 10 recipes,
    but NO metal decoration so far, and it's the only thing I WANTED to find B)
    That I call Kybernetic Intelligence :laugh:

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    Hey Snake, well I only have four still. Spent the last couple days, few hours each and still no medal decoration. I just need one more. Have tons of other useless stuff, oh sorry meant useful stuff. Explored few zones and scavenged for hours on end and no medel decoration. Tons of fish, tons of plants and berries, tons of recipes, lots of feathers, lots of plastic bats, many many weights (enough to open up a gym in secret cove)...yet no medal decoration.

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    My only complaint about scavenging is that it seems to be the only way to get wooden handles, which is a very vital component for weapon crafting and they seem to be very rare. I've only found one so far, and I failed crafting with it so it was destroyed.

    Otherwise I find it quite fun and I get anxious whenever I start to scavenge since you never know what you're gonna get.

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