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    Ringmaster outfit

    Hello everyone. I have finished the Ringmaster outfit set, for the most part. Only thing I am missing is the belt part (need 9 medal decoration lol). Oh well in time. The Ringmaster set includes:

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    Re:Ringmaster outfit

    whow lol, thanks for the pictures raven.
    seriously it looks a bit weird

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    Re:Ringmaster outfit

    Yeah it does. Originally I was going to do the screenshot without the bluejeans, but it looked really silly on a male character. So kept his jeans on lol. I will try to put it on a female character and see how it looks.

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    Oh, I want the bracers and the mask!!!

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    Looks great! ... and i want the HAT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyotroosh View Post
    Looks great! ... and i want the HAT!
    If only it didn't clip through the hair =\

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    So you can get all your tribe to wear ringmaster outfits, plant your totem on the beach, call yourself The Sneetches, and kill everyone that doesn't have stars on thars.

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    i like yuba more tbh. but only if it's made in green with red feathers

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    I am angry that we have a mask slot.. but the mask here is built into the top hat > : (

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    so thats what your looking at, ironically you dont use any plastic or rubber to make that mask.
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