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Thread: Mostly Axes

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    Mostly Axes

    Hello everyone. Heres some weapons I have made, mostly axes and some others.

    From left to right first row: Two Sided Pick, Nine Iron Club, Winema Viper Axe, Wooden Dagger Axe, Patamon Saw Axe.
    From left to right bottom row: Sani Standard Axe, Matawu Swift Axe, Manaba Axe, Bidzil Forked Axe, Kohana Knife Axe, Pati Curved Axe.

    Will try to get more pictures but am limited on raw materials. Hopefull you all know what sort of weapons you want, instead of getting something you didnt like.
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    Re:Mostly Axes

    omg, those viper and saw look - erm - scary
    I mostly like the Bidzil, have it found via scavenging.

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    Re:Mostly Axes

    Currenlty of all the weapons I have made so far, the Viper seems to be the most interseting/nice looking one. Nice design in my opinion on the devs part. Really stands out.

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    I'm definately going to be running around with that Nine Iron... FORE!!!!

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    So golf clubs are part of weapon crafting? I always though they are pure junk

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    thanks for posting these, neato

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    How did you got the metal handle that is needed. i heard it isnt ingame yet

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    I love how the weapon design really includes the used parts for the crafting. Good job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niburu View Post
    How did you got the metal handle that is needed. i heard it isnt ingame yet
    Could have scavenged the weapon. A tribe mate found a Winema Viper Axe yesterday.


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    Man you're lucky !

    This weapon cannot be crafted at the moment because metal handles are not in game yet (how silly is that ). So be proud of being the owner of such a rare item !
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