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Thread: Mostly Blades

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    Mostly Blades

    Hello folks. I have made some blades, knives-sword types. Only have few items I could make due to materials. Hopefull you all know what you want before making mistake of getting something you dont like.
    From left to right first row: Razor Saw Scalper, Chipped Basta Cutlass, Split Blade Knife, Scythe Blade.
    From left to right bottom row: Butcher's Knife, Degu Design Blade, Gouging Jag, Old Rusted Skiver, Bladed Tonfa.

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    Re:Mostly Blades

    Not quite as fancy but:


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    Re:Mostly Blades

    Hey pretty nice stuff. I tried to click on those icons to see what the materials was lol.

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