Hello everyone. Thought I post this, since its bugged again. Sort of annoying I think if not fustrating. When you go from 98 to 99 in craft points, you can see the number increase and you get message saying you gained exp and such. As of 35 minutes ago I almost had the same problem, however I kept track/eye on the numbers. Unlike last time it took me 6 hours to realize there was something wrong with the skill points from 99 to 100.
Again this time I kept eye on it. So in short, when you get to 99 and it takes you longer then what you expected, try logging off and wait few minutes (stretch out, make dinner/breakfast, run 2 miles), and then log back in. That will fix the "99" bug, and you should see 100. I have posted an image. (not going to say how long i actually spent on toolcrafting thou lol).

There use to be a problem when you reached 90, some of the "90s" number didnt go up. So far its going up like its suppose to (at least for me in toolcrafting).
The image shows me at 99 before I logged off for 10 minutes and then 100 when I logged back on. I was checking to see if I did get new recipe, since it didnt show up when I was levling up on toolcrafting, it turns out, I did get a new recipe from skililng up. So at 100 you get a new recipe it seems (not everyone will or all the craft, its still random on when you will get new recipe. Basing this info off my tailor who went from 99 to 100.