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    Building Bridges?

    Will it be possible to build bridges across rivers and streams? and if so, would this fall under the road building feature?

    By whicker at 2010-04-12

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    Re:Building Bridges?

    Be a man and get your legs wet!
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    Re:Building Bridges?

    Hold on @Cradlejoe, @Leiros has a great idea here. As all thing should be in the game, If you can build it, People can take it down. But if we are to have and build roads. Then it stands to reason that we should be able to build bridges. After all, What the point of a road if there is no bridge when you get to the river. And if you really, really don't think we should have bridges, Then why should we have roads?

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    Re:Building Bridges?

    I don't think we shouldn't have bridges, I was just in the mood to post something pointless.

    But bridges would be pretty awesome. I'm also thinking about how land forming will effect rivers and if we can raise and lower the land around rivers then we may be able to make a ford instead of a costly bridge.
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    Re:Building Bridges?

    As all other skills, i think it has to be learned how to build a bridge that don't crashes down as soon as someone steps onto it.
    Otherwise, maybe its funny to see how it crashes if someone makes a mistake by building it because his/her skill-level is too low.

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    Re:Building Bridges?

    This is a great idea. I think bridge building could either be included in road making, or be a separate skill altogether. I love the idea of a bridge collapsing if it was "built wrong" but you can also consider that maybe a bridge will simply decay faster if it was made with lower skill. It would even be great to see someone think, "Yeah, that bridge doesn't look safe, I think I will go around!" I could imagine a town being settled near a river and perhaps using a "thrown together" footbridge at first, but then seeking out a real bridge builder for something lasting and strong. Weight and size could be factors based on skill. A new bridge builder might no be able to make a 50' bridge, only a 10' one. In contrast an experienced bridge builder could make a bridge that could hold heavy traffic and horses.

    Depending on how much time and effort was applied, it could be a very fun part of terraforming. I think at the least end bridges could be just another type of "road tile" and they could be constructed that way.

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    Re:Building Bridges?

    right now i bet its not in but i wonder if u can raise land thats under water so you could build a road.

    that also makes me wonder if water would just countinue to flow under it

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    Re:Building Bridges?

    I would say that all goes in with the answers to building a dam, not implemented due to time constraints. Possible for the future.

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    Re:Building Bridges?

    Would be great if we could build some bridges.

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    Re:Building Bridges?

    The main question is "Will bridges be necessary?".
    Like if you step into a river does it have a current and can it take you away if you're not properly prepared for it? (Like not being too heavy and having a high swimming level)

    Only if bridges are needed will they be fun.
    Like destroying a bridge to slow down an enemy tribe.
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