Hey folks. I have finished making the Minden Outfit. Have every piece expect the neck part. Recipe didnt show up yet nor found one.
The 13 piece Minden Outfit set includes: Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Thigh Guard and Pouch, Knee Band, Stealth Arm Band, Gloves, Bracers, Helmet, Shin Guard, Vest, and Belt.
Have included two sets of image, one with blue jeans and the other one is without jeans on, just the Minden outfit itself.
So far of all the armor I have seen or made, Minden outfit, the "Thigh Guard and Pouch" seems to be pretty awsome looking. Too bad the pouch doesnt work as a container, but it does look pretty cool. The belt part also looks awsome, but none of the pouches actually works, they are just for looks.