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    Is it currently possible, or will it be, to create tunnels or caves with terraforming like in wurm? Not a major feature but quite a cool one. Reason I'm asking is because in the videos/screenshots i've seen there hasn't been any holes with a ground roof.

    I can picture a tribe totem being placed on a hill and carving the inside out for added protection. Could add walls inside if possible or outside. Would be cool as well for the possibility of enemies or thieves digging under town walls and such to infiltrate them. (if destruction/terraforming of enemy tribe locations is allowed)

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    I can only guess but I think at least at the moment the mesh is kind of 2D so that only one 'surface' is possible, but self-evident this may be totally wrong.

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    I have been tesing this out over the past hour or 2 and havent been able to find a way to create a tunnel or covered area yet with terraforming alone or using logs

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    We won't have tunneling for a while as it would require a major revision of how the terrain is stored. It's something I will definitely consider for the future.

    We will have some natural caves soon though, and I think once the building system is in players will favor real walls and ceiling instead of caves.

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    Ah I see, thanks for answering!

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