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    Pre-Order Problems

    I just tried to pre-order but after I clicked accept after filling in all the payment info I got a 500 error:

    500 - Layout "thankYou" not found

    Wierdly I tried again and got another but this time it said:

    500 - Layout "alreadyPaid" not found

    Does this mean I've paid and can download the game? (if so how?)

    Was I charged more than once?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Pre-Order Problems

    I had the same this morning. It means you have already paid and your confirmation mail is probably in your spam box.

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    Re: Pre-Order Problems

    For some reason when we switched servers it broke some of the components and some of the pages don't display. We can't figure out what is causing it however we are not too worried as I believe we will be switching over to our new forum/layout in the not to distant future.

    If you did get to those pages then you have indeed paid and you should have an email waiting for you in your inbox.

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