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    Can't launch the game

    Every time I hit "Patch" the game just cease to function. I can't play anymore... Anyone know how to solve this ?

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    Re:Can't launch the game

    Have you played since the new terrain?

    If not I would try deleting
    Xsyon/Xsyon Launcher
    Xsyon/Bin /xsyon.exe
    Xsyon/Data /zone.xsip and
    Xsyon/Data /environment xsip

    If you have played with the new terrain try deleting
    Xsyon/Xsyon Launcher
    Xsyon/Bin /xsyon.exe

    Then run the installer.

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    Re:Can't launch the game

    I wish you guys would post screen shots of crashes/bugs instead of saying "game just cease to function" :blink:

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    Re:Can't launch the game

    Hello CrazyMoe,

    If you have not played the game with the latest installer, you should do a full uninstall and reinstall.

    If you have played the game recently and are getting stuck on this latest patch, you should follow the instructions Paradox listed above, though deleting:

    Xsyon/Bin /xsyon.exe
    Xsyon/Data /zone.xsip and
    Xsyon/Data /environment xsip

    and restarting the launcher, should be enough.

    If you continue to have problems, please contact us at

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