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    I enjoy playing healers, so I'm wondering how it works here.

    Does the ability to heal other players exist?

    If so, how is it done? Do you use various herbs or perhaps have a healing kit?

    Is there a way of doing it from a distance or do you have to be next to the person?

    Can you revive other players? If so, is there a sort of time limit on it where they will auto-revive if you don't get to them fast enough?

    Is there food or some kind of consumable that makes health regen faster or even potions that instantly regenerate health?


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    For now, food helps revive players ad so bandages.

    Healing is not very complex right (that's why there's nothing on the Features list about it). This will evolve with the advancement of Religion during the Prelude.

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    I really do hope that there's no instant heal or anything in combat.
    I'd like to see potions (If there will be any form of healing potion) heal you over time nd if you're damaged while you're healing then the healing process stops.
    Brum, brum.

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    Xsyon wrote:
    The more you throw that word around, the more excited I get.
    Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.

    Niccolo Machiavelli

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    Kaldor wrote:
    Xsyon wrote:
    The more you throw that word around, the more excited I get.

    Same here. To me it's the reason that I'm here, and checking for new info every day.

    That an MMO should evolve seems like a foregone conclusion. That how the game evolves should be based on player actions is also an obvious design decision for me.

    Games that progress on rails lose depth in my eyes. They're simply social gathering places where everyone can go and experience the same content over and over again. Multiplayer, yes. But not massive in my eyes.

    To me, Xsyon is being made with an appropriate approach for an MMO. Games like Xsyon tend to have a fiercely loyal player base and grow steadily over time as long as the development team continues to focus on long term growth, and doesn't get distracted by the desire for instant profits.

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    I agree with ThePhil, I think this game is going to depend on a true community. Not to progress your character as fast as you can but to build and expand a community. It's going to depend a lot more than grouping and killing over and over.

    I wonder if older gamers will fare better than a younger crowd?

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    Lets stay on topic please guys.

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    I will be a healer regardless how it going to be implemented. If that means I be the person running around with to much food to hand out during combat then that will be my job :P

    Two things I love in MMO and that is farming (not skills and NPCs, but crops and such :P) and being a healer.

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    Virtus wrote:
    Lets stay on topic please guys.
    A forum moderator who moderates forums? /love :cheer:

    BTW, Sorry for the tangent.

    I'm going to love this community.

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    Healers and medicine?

    I don't think I've seen anyone ask this, so I'll throw it out there.

    Will there be healers and/or medicines in this game?

    By whicker at 2010-04-12

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