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    throwing up gang signs

    In the Gallery, In Screenshots, The first screenshot for me is 5 guy's standing around, Two of them seem to be throwing up gang signs.

    Am I just seeing things?

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    Re:throwing up gang signs

    No, you're not.

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    Re:throwing up gang signs

    LOL..yea one is throwing up westside

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    Re:throwing up gang signs

    Ya, they are. Maybe they’ll reinvent saggy pants and welfare.

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    Re:throwing up gang signs

    it is very much so an in game emote

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    Re:throwing up gang signs

    "about to go and went damn near blind, young *** on the path throwin up gang signs"

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    Re:throwing up gang signs

    I hope players homed on the east side of the map will refrain from throwing westside.

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    Re:throwing up gang signs

    Grim: So the South and North side can?

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    Re:throwing up gang signs

    i wonder about the north east?

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    Re:throwing up gang signs

    Virtus wrote:
    it is very much so an in game emote
    I’d much rather moon my enemy tribe.

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