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    Antlers, skulls, and claws....

    So I have found some recipes that require some stuff that is not in game yet, like antlers, skulls, and claws. Is this something we can expect soon since the recipes are in now?

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    Re: Antlers, skulls, and claws....

    Actually recipes that require those items have been in for quite some time now. At least since you could first start scavenging for new recipes.

    I wonder if obtaining skulls relies on cooking. Antlers and claws should be available with all the other stuff, though, unless they are planning on requiring special tools.

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    Re: Antlers, skulls, and claws....

    I scavenged a Black Bear Skull the other day (since new installer). And had a Coyote skull before. So think they are around.

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    Re: Antlers, skulls, and claws....

    Yeah, you've always been able to scavenge skulls and antlers. Maybe claws too (just never found them myself).

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    Re: Antlers, skulls, and claws....

    I had some antlers I looted off someone in Shinra but they were looted off me =(

    it was a couple days ago, before your post im sure

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