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    Did this get changed or is it not working.....

    Xsyon wrote:

    Colored cloth does render in color in inventory icons. We are working to tint icons based on the material color. Armor parts created from colored cloth do tint properly.
    Did this get changed, or is it not working properly. My tailor could only see base color materials in the inventory window.

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    Re:Did this get changed or is it not working.....

    This should be working. What color cloth did you use?

    The icons are not tinted, but the final garments you make should have the correct colors.

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    Re:Did this get changed or is it not working.....

    yes, the finished product is black, or crimson, or fandango, ect.... Thought the icons would be colored too to reflect the correct color. All the icons are the standard whitish gray color.

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    Re:Did this get changed or is it not working.....

    Ok, good. I didn't finish the icon tinting. This will be done soon though after we deal with some more important updates.

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    Would be awesome if we could right click or drag cloth to bins , finding the proper stack is like 1 in 100 chance , even after tinting, chances would be like 1 in 10 do to cloth type .

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    Oh, god. There needs to be a better solution for colored cloth. Trying to gather 4 of the same color and material to make a tarp (or anything else that requires more than one cloth) is an exceedingly frustrating exercise. You wind up with dozens of piles and since identical items don't autostack (hint, hint) when you put them in the same container you have to manually locate that orange spandex somewhere in the bin (yes, I realize it's easier if you have a system -- alphabetical or one bin for each material type -- but it's still a pain in the ass).

    I also realize that you can't combine items in a stack if you want to maintain unique properties like color or quality or whatever. One way to deal with this would be to allow us to mix and match materials in a recipe. So a tarp could use 1 orange spandex, 1 white wool, and 2 cerulean cottons. No need for them to all be identical.

    Another solution would be to turn stacks into a sort of virtual container that you could open or expand somehow so see the individual items in that stack. So your backup contains a stack for Cotton fabric (or perhaps even just fabric...depends on how far you want to take it) and in order to see what's in that stack you right click it to open a new window or pop-up menu or something. Stacks would still be limited in size too. This mechanic could also be applied to other materials that don't stack now (bones for example).

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    Hello completely unrelated recent posts.

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