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Thread: Features?

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    Can someone please tell me what features are available ingame?

    Like can i go out into the wilderness and start a new village building houses etc?

    I really like the look of this game but youtube makes it look under developed

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    Re: Features?

    Not youtube... just the people posting vids.

    You cannot build anything yet except a tribe totem if you can find 5 people ingame.

    You can do everything except construction, cooking and building anything really.

    Hopefully this helps. The game is a real gem, but it's not polished yet and lacks content and immersion big time. Soon we have all the promised features ingame but nothing more that's for sure.

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    Re: Features?

    rev more or less sums it up.

    Construction really is the only thing missing at this point. That along with quests and other totem features like mailbox.

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    Re: Features?

    any idea of an eta on when construction will arrive? im trying to sell the game to my friends aswell but they are bein difficult.. if i had an estimated eta maybe i could get them ingame before the patch.

    And thanx alot for the swift replys

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    Re: Features?

    The game is in beta with bugs and regular character wipes. If you don't mind that and willing to help to test then preorder it, otherwise don't...if you think your friends would be disappointed with it in its current state then its wiser to wait a bit

    As far as I know there is no ETA for will be in when its ready. Hopefully soon :P

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    Re: Features?

    Jooky stated he would like to have everything ready for release around the end of November. This, however, is not set in stone and as Jadzia said, it will ultimately be ready when it's ready.

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