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    Login does not work in Game Client


    i just preordered today. After downloading the client i was
    able to get into the game for one time.
    I decided to switch to fullscreen, thats why i closed the client.
    Since then Iam not able to get into the game anymore.
    After i enter my Accountname and Password it takes a while
    but then only the password field gets empty and i can try it again.
    The logfile does not show something.

    Is this a known issue ?
    Is the server down ?

    I would appreciate if someone could help.


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    Re:Login does not work in Game Client

    I'm going to check the server reports to see if I can tell why you're not able to log in. This could be a password issue.

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    Re:Login does not work in Game Client

    Hello Barney,

    It looks like you are mistyping your password, or did you reset your password through the forums?

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    Re:Login does not work in Game Client

    I resetted the password on the website. But that was after this issue occured. I have read something about problems with numbers in the password here in the forum. Thats why i tried one without numbers. But i guess that new password is only valid on the website.
    I can successfully launch the client with the old password. But
    the login in the client fails when i use the same password.

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    Re:Login does not work in Game Client

    I will reset your game / launcher password to match what you set on the forums. It will take a minute.

    ... Done

    Please check if you can login to the game now with the same name / password you are using here.

    You should also be able to see the Citizens area of this forum now.

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    Re:Login does not work in Game Client

    Thx citizen area works.
    I can use the new password in the launcher. But the client is giving me the same issue.
    I even uninstalled the firewall, quite unlikely since it worked
    one time.
    Its bit strange that there is no lan activity when i hit login.
    At least i dont see the windows network icon flashing in the tray.

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    Re:Login does not work in Game Client

    I'm restarting the server. It says you are 'Already Logged In' although it shouldn't.

    Please check back in 10-15 minutes with the login you are using here.


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    Re:Login does not work in Game Client

    Thank you for the support.
    I will try that.

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    Re:Login does not work in Game Client


    I am also having problems when trying to connect. Some time ago I have changed my password through a website, but I still had to type my old password when starting Xsyon launcher, but once I was inside the game only the new password worked. Now I cannot patch the game anymore. When trying to log into launcher I get "Error: Unable to connect to the Xsyon patch server". Could you please poke somewhere inside your database to get me in? Thanks in advance

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