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    What are you doing?!

    So.. Where are you Tribes going to settle down? Near a river? Near forestry. Strategic placement!

    What are you here for?

    services for others like escort, lapdance etc

    Me/tribe crafting exploration, Settling down near the most resources as possible , Water animals forestry and a high vantage point! (ofc thats for the tribe to decide also!)

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    Re: What are you doing?!

    Can you place your tribe towns wherever you want?

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    Re: What are you doing?!

    I think so yep , When doing so you capture the region and its resources!

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    Re: What are you doing?!

    i think most tribe will do little bit of everything. like living in a small town.

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    Re:What are you doing?!

    Adventure, a home and exploration.

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    Re:What are you doing?!

    I'm thinking there is only going to be few great places in the prelube. So there will be tribes stacking on top of each othere at the start. But then that all depends on how many of us there is at the start. Remember we are starting off very small, 74.5 miles I think it was, In real life that's a lot, But you know how fast you tend to be able to move around in MMO's.

    I am also think that there will be a lot of Tribes that will merge together just for the prelube. Because there will be so few of us, and so much to do and learn.

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    Re:What are you doing?!

    Killing people and taking their stuff.

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    Re:What are you doing?!

    joining/starting a protective agency (tribe) to prevent rampant PKing.

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    Re:What are you doing?!

    Lost Knowledge!

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    Re:What are you doing?!

    Oh god this reminds me of GD Forumfall years ago...

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