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    Cannot log into the game

    Hey, I finished downloading the client just a few hours ago, but found that I could not log into the game as the password box would not accept some of the symbol characters in my password.
    I have since changed my password, but it only logs me into the forums at this point, if I use my old password I can login into the patcher, but not the game client itself.
    I would appreciate it if you could change my game password to match my forum password. Cheers!

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    Re: Cannot log into the game

    sorry for the long sucks...please email or use our support form

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    Re: Cannot log into the game

    I had the same issue, I re installed the game and it fixed it.

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    Re: Cannot log into the game

    Really? I had problems when trying to run PlayClaw (video recorder) with Xsyon.
    It is a PlayClaw problem and not a Xsyon problem, at least it was PlayClaw that made the error log and not Xsyon since both FRAPS and GameCam worked for me.

    I've also noticed that some screen resolution are still bugged (seems to apply to resolutions equal to or above 1680x1050 59hz/60hz.

    Make sure, before you reinstall or ask for help via support, that it isn't a program similar to PlayClaw, FRAPS, GameCam, Ventrilo/TC/Mumble etc. that are interfering with Xsyon.

    (I'll report the bugs later when I've made a satisfying list of them and they are not supposed to be discussed in this thread, they were just mere hints to what might have been the problem seeing it was the same problem with login.)

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