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    Cannot log into the game

    Sorry for repeating myself but I posted this problem in the Citizens board, and now somehow I do not have access to those boards any more.
    Yesterday I preordered Xsyon and downloaded the client over the course of the day. When the download was complete I tried to login but it seems that some of the characters I had chosen for my password would not be accepted by the password box. So I changed my password so that it did not include symbol characters as I had read on the forums there had been trouble with symbol characters and international keyboards.
    However, now not only can I not log into the game, I cannot access the subscriber boards and my profile is now listed as "Registered" and not "Subscriber". The funny thing is my old password works fine for the patcher, but is not viable for the game or forum logins.
    Please help!

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    Re:Cannot log into the game

    Hi Valroon

    I sent a message to the guys that can fix you pw issue. They should have it corrected soon.

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    Re:Cannot log into the game

    website problems fixed

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