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    Better than Fallen Earth?

    Fallen earth is a post apocalyptic game aswell, tho the game is imo..terrible. Has anyone played it before that has actually pre-ordered this game? Just hoping that the developers looked into FE's mitakes and took them into consideration D:

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    Re: Better than Fallen Earth?

    No-one knows what this game is like apart from reading the features and seeing the Screenies!

    It sounds well drawn out though - FE WAS / IS a mess

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    Re: Better than Fallen Earth?

    You can't compare the two games by their theme. COmpare them by their features.
    Brum, brum.

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    Re:Better than Fallen Earth?

    Are we really all ready starting the "XXX game is better than XXX"?

    Every game has it's good's and it's bad's. Every game has things in it that some like, and some hate. As far as FE, I like it a lot, From what I read here. I will like this one more, But that's not in any way saying this game will be better than FE.

    Please for the love of god, Don't start in on the, "That's not how we did it in WOW!"

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    Re:Better than Fallen Earth?

    im pretty shure this will b better to fallen earth... both R still diferrent tho lyk ppl said

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