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    cant get installer to work

    just recently pre ordered the game and couldnt figure out y i couldnt dl it or anything, yesterday was emptying out my mailbox in my yahoo accnt and noticed something in spam. it was from xsyon and was all the links. well i got it all dled and patched and stuff but for some reason everytime i go to log in, it says not responding and makes me dl it all again, any ideas as to how i can fix this?

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    Re: cant get installer to work

    Use the installer from here:

    This is the latest installer and link to the server, if you used the one in your email it is probably directing you to the old server location. Let us know if this works.

    EDIT: I know that is says its 4 months old but it is the newest installer, he didn't change the posting date on it.

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    Re:cant get installer to work

    k well im in the middle of dling it again. i really hope this one works :S will update you as soon as its finished

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    Re:cant get installer to work

    alright this one works better. i actually just got into the game. still says not responding. but if i wait it out itle start up regaurdless. thx for ya help bro

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    Re:cant get installer to work

    Most welcome... glad it worked for ya. Enjoy the game, just a FYI, the game has a pending update and wipe coming VERY soon. I would say in a day maybe 2, don't get too attached to your character just yet. Lastly, welcome to Xsyon, if you have any questions or issues, throw them up on the forums, there is a large number of helpful people here, almost 24/7. Enjoy the game!

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