Best key for us as Leather crafters atm is a starter skill that reqs 1 thread and 1 strap, we gain from straps still to the end and if you can gain from straps you can gain from things that need one..hehe (My secret to hitting Castle every time first).
Now we have for some reason the ability to randomly get lvl70 as our starter which we can auto gain full on just making the learner craft..
(I HOPE!!! this gets fixed!), but till then if you get a Celecel, Magoyota, South Camp, or Castle..*Castles the coolest*, as one of yer starters. stay with armor ingame, with Bone only going to 50, tailor too, and grass, a winning 28..hehe

Game balancing side, when rolling toons we should stay within the 25-30 range for randomness...kinda kills it when someone even with fails can make a max set on start...

heh, till then. Love my cat hat! First ever ingame! <avatar...would love to get a pm from the designer on why he kept the face..hehe