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    Vitus Please fix this

    Not sure if you should just remove the feature. Personal text will allow anyone to give themselves whatever title they want, like ADMIN or if you look at mine (not a) DEV.

    Might be something to look into.

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    Re: Vitus Please fix this

    there is actually a very minor difference. The actual title has only 1 bar between it and the post count. iirc.
    There is the high level design of a gameplay mechanic. Then there is what everyone does in spite of it.

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    Re: Vitus Please fix this

    People won't notice that though Dio lol.

    I have been meaning to fix this, it just escaped my mind.

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    Re:Vitus Please fix this

    I would suggest off colored text or background to stick out, should be a simple css change depending on you backend.

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