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    create amount setting

    Its probably been mentioned before butafter creating several hundred bricks I feel it's worth mentioning again.

    The ability to set the amount you want to create when crafting an item of the same type.

    Yes I do understand that some materials differ and we're supposed to find the best material for our needs etc. etc. However after creating around 500 bricks I have to say it's a needed feature. I've clicked my right mouse button well over 1500 times, not including gathering the material and fails. Not sure why it only works with the right mouse button but that's another point entirely.

    But theres no way I can see myself to do any type of major crafting if I'm going to wear my mouse out doing so.

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    Re:create amount setting

    I'd agree, but maybe have a limit on it so it's a max of 10 items or something. Whatever the number, but it should be low enough so it's not "fire and forget" as you go have a sandwich and watch TV but at the same time helps with the millions of mouse clicks.
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    Re:create amount setting

    Anyway therre will be many macrosusers. God bless the AutoIT.

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    Re:create amount setting

    romkacg wrote:
    God bless the AutoIT.
    I can say with 99.99% certainty that any macroing program will be strictly forbidden. I wouldn't do it if I were you

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