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    Currency Sellers

    If this game is going to be using some form of currency, and I believe it was stated there would be, then Gold Sellers are inevitable.

    I was curious as to what the admins are going to be doing to deal with gold sellers. Possibly a system to try and prevent it because there won't always be an admin to ban them constantly.

    The last thing a new mmo needs is a dead economy.

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    Re: Currency Sellers

    Kill them loot them. Win

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    Re: Currency Sellers

    Nah this game will not be big enough to have gold farmers. Beside that the only thing you can do against them is ban them, but then they just scam some new ignorant person and steal there account.

    LOOK Notorious Games or GMs will not mail you asking for your password, neither is there a African prince going to give you millions, you have not won an jackpot either and those "enlargement pills" not buy drugs from shady internet companies, bad mix :P

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    Re:Currency Sellers

    good question sure hope they don't allow it. But, I don't think there will be much of that going on, at least not at first, as the community will be small. If this game delivers on all it's promised features though this game will become very popular and that will definitely be an issue.

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    Re:Currency Sellers

    Here we go again...

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    Re:Currency Sellers

    I doubt gold sellers is really the main concern as of this moment...give it a month after release before all of that.
    [img size=300][/img]

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    Re:Currency Sellers

    Hate to say it, but in a game with only 800 people following the forums and less than that who have preordered, I doubt it would be profitable for a gold selling website to actually sell currency of this game. Gold sellers tend to populate only the proven games, avoiding the ones with dwindling populations. I doubt any gold farmers have farmed SWG in years, for example, probably selling whatever they had stored up as opposed to paying people or programing bots to farm. 800 people is probably the number of clients that a gold selling site had last month, certainly not going to invest money into selling this game's currency w/ only 800 forum members.

    I think the sign of a successful game is when you see the currency sellers advertising for it, such as the WoW gold sellers or the EVE credit sellers.

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    Re:Currency Sellers

    Then explain the link i posted

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    Re:Currency Sellers

    r0ss0 wrote:
    Then explain the link i posted
    Quite simply, they probably do that for every game. By "do that" I mean take every MMO on a site, for example, and claim that they can get gold. Notice they post no way of contacting anyone, no pricing data. They have no levels posted, and on the off chance they do use this game then they want some page up already to start with. They would lose money if they spent the time to actually familiarize themselves with such a small game to the point where they can farm currency. It would lose money.

    I could find you a page on the internet claiming aliens exist as well, doesn't mean its real.

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