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Thread: Sand?

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    Sand - has anyone found any that is collectible? The only sources I could find were in the lake where I couldn't dig.

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    i havent seen anything on it as of yet
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    It is around the edge of the lake, you gather it like grass from resource window.
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    I found some at the other side of the lake Luc. there is a beatch where you can collect it. Its a bit of a walk do

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    Thanks guys...looks like it maybe a localised resource and I'll have to try and transport several tonnes back to base :P

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    it is not everyone, but it is out there.

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    Yep sand is only available around the lake at this stage, sucks for those who didn't realise this before moving into the mountains
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    I've only seen sand on lake shores, including Lake Tahoe and some of the smaller lakes in the area. It would be nice if there were a few sandbars in some of the rivers though.
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    Terraform your way out to the sand in the lake. So long as the terrain stays below water it won't change to dirt which means.. SAND .

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    I had the same problem with sand. For now... I ran to the lake with a guildmate, created a bunch of mortar and had him help me carry it back. The other guy just kept collecting sand, I would collect limestone (and sand when I didn't have any, takes longer to gather) and just make mortar. Between the two of us, I was able to get 500 mortar in around an hour.

    That's probably the only way (unless you find sand somewhere else) to do it. Bottom line, don't bother carrying around a ton of sand when mortar is so light. =)
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