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    Questions For The Developers 03/06/2013 Through 04/18/2013

    MrDDT asks:
    I'm being told by other players in game that trapping animals is not allowed. Is this true and why?
    Trapping creatures and 'feeding' them by allowing the creature to kill you repeatedly is not allowed because it's not playing the game as intended. Trapped creatures are not a challenge and this makes it too easy to boost creature based materials.

    We do plan to implement death penalties and improve creature AI to prevent this type of situation with in game changes.

    If it is true, how else do you expect people to get high end mats off aged animals?
    By exploring and hunting. I am aware of the current lack of creatures because creatures are again wandering into the mist and not returning. This will be resolved and will be worked on within the next few weeks.

    Khalart asks:
    I took a look at terrain reset cycle on the Test server and I've a question about this system: the revert process follow the same terraforming sequence that players used while modifing it?
    No, it simply reverts terrain in increments of 0.5 meters until the terrain reaches it's original state.

    Nezdar asks:
    Where are the useful animals like deer, bears, coyotes, etc? Will we have to wait for a full patch at some distant time in the future in order to re-balance the creatures, or can something be done in the near term? We know that the patch cycle is slow due to limited resources, but I think this will have to be addressed of the majority of our tribe will not make another month.

    Unfortunately, re-balancing creatures will require another patch. Now that the big changes that were in progress are out of the way, checking and fixing problems with creature distribution will be a priority.

    Deacon asks:
    When or do you plan to increase number of staff to increase productivity? What are you plans to fund this if any?
    Staff will be increased as soon as I can afford to do so. My main focus right now is improving the game. I hope and expect that patches that will be rolled out over the next 3 months, starting tomorrow morning, will increase the game population enough to where I can re-hire coders and expand the team.

    I am open to but not actively seeking investors right now as over the past six months my funding efforts have only taken away from valuable development time.

    MrDDT asks:
    What are the plans with permissions for tribe leaders to move carts around? Currently we have to ask guides for help on moving them.
    Tribe leader permissions will be added. This would have fit in well with the current changes but there are many small improvements I just didn't have time to add. I've taken a note to add this to the next patch.

    With all the extra recipes coming into the game, is there any plans on helping with the storage or sorting issue with them?
    Not right now but I am open to suggestions. I have considered different container types that could hold more items of a specific item type (recipes, food etc.)

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    Questions For The Developers 03/06/2013 Through 05/13/2013

    MrDDT asks:
    Are there any plans to have carts decay?
    Current plans are for carts to become abandoned in the same way that buildings become abandoned. Decay for carts and bins with use may come in time.

    What's the status of the Steam Greenlight?
    We reached a decent 'percent to the top 100' games but activity has been slow on Greenlight lately. It will remain slow without more publicity directing players to the Greenlight page. I am hoping to attract more players directly here with a publicity push over the next few months and players will be encouraged to check out our Greenlight page and vote for us.

    Regardless of the internal score or number of votes we get on Greenlight, ultimately it's a decision of the Steam staff to give us the final approval.

    ryanguru asks:
    Sorting/Storage is a big chore, even bigger so with the new crafting revisions.
    Q. Are there any plans to implement a right-click auto stack feature?

    This has been requested and yes, I'm looking into it.

    Q. If not, are there any plans to improve the sorting/storage system to reduce this work load?
    DDT's idea about a recipe book would help out a lot:

    I like the idea but it would require database changes and is a complex task beyond what I can fit into my schedule right now.

    2. Small animal innards (from my understanding), cannot be used in game yet because they cannot be dissected into guts.

    Q. Are there any plans to convert small animal innards into guts so catgut thread is not so hard to obtain?
    Yes, this has been added recently.

    Sandman asks:

    A few ideas that may increase trade: making money weightless could be a great idea. Boats need I say more? A road that goes all the way around the shore line that can not be built on or altered like a tribe land, this will allow immersion and increase trade in this game by ten folds in my humble opinion. Is there anyway we could get these ideas to happen?
    The weight of money has been greatly reduced. Boats is too big of a task for now. I have some ideas for roads and bridges that would allow for easier travel, but these would be player created and maintained. Once I'm done with the next series of patches up through agriculture and cooking, I plan to develop and implement the road and bridges ideas I have in mind.

    Can you edit out the live stream on steam that no longer plays, makes look like game is dead? Do you have a status update on how long it will take to go green on steam?
    Yes, this has been done.

    Trade totem issue I hope has been taken care of, MrDDT informed you.
    Yes, thanks for the report.

    Able to build on top of platforms, this annoys me why I would not be able to. Is there any
    plans to allow this to happen?
    It will require a revision of our collision system which was started months ago, using PhysX, but was shelved. I can't estimate at this point when we'll be able to get back to it.

    Wiki needs updating, cooking/farming are not even listed etc
    The wiki is an ongoing project and players are welcome to add to it. Cooking and farming will be added after they are publicly released, but there are other things that do need to be added and updated since the recent big patch.

    Kickstarter for small patch updates, i'd be willing to support this. What advertisement plans for this game as I never knew the last kickstarter was even going on I would have supported you.
    I've thought about it but from the last attempt I learned that it's a big effort for unpredictable results.

    Our advertising plans include putting out more frequent press releases and increasing our use of social media. We are currently looking for volunteers to help with specific task so if you are interested please email SUPPORT.

    Is there anyway to get a modding community in this game?
    This would be a massive task and beyond the scope of what can be done now.

    I understand why you have the totem radius like it is for people don't go around making empty cities all over the lands but for legit city builders like myself I have a small tribe and it's just not befitting for the lower level tribes.

    Is there a way to increase the radius of smaller tribes that get new paid players or the starting radius?
    I'm considering an option where players could buy additional land or tribe radius directly without adding new full accounts (at a lower cost per radius increase). We'll see.

    Is there any way to make waterskins weigh less to encourage drinking and carrying water?
    All weights will be revised in a coming update (next few weeks).

    Currently there is a standard now of currency in game Dollars, Quarters, Pennies, Beer Tabs, BottleCaps, Nails. This is player driven but is there anyways to just get rid of beer tabs and bottle caps and make those into dollars/quarters/pennies? For the sake of simplicity?
    I'm going to leave this as is for now and continue to observe the use of the different currencies over time especially as the game population increases.

    I would like to put signs in the game is this possible? I would like to place traps in the game is this possible? (for hunt and base defense)
    These are possible, but not planned in our current round of development. Signs may be added when I work on roads and bridges. Traps would come later in the future.

    I am still having issues with having only four bins open at a time, the cart take two slots by maybe reduce that somehow to one would help a lot.
    If you think there is a bug please report it directly to BUGS.

    jwjohnson1978 asks:
    In regards to mounts, could I suggest some small engine mounts? I know gas/diesel is pretty much non-existent, but with farming and cooking being added to the game in the near future, it would open up the possibility of having bio-fuel as a biproduct.
    This is beyond the scope of what I have planned right now.

    Nezdar asks:
    Flying mounts? I'd love to have a hang glider in game. Seriously, I know that is far out on the dev schedule.
    This too.

    Are there plans for logging to be affected by the axe QL? It is very difficult to obtain Master QL wood and I think it's impossible to obtain Supreme QL wood now. Compared to obtaining other materials like rock or metal, this seems out of balance.
    Yes, makes sense and I've taken a note to look into this as we continue to work on resource and crafting improvements in the next few weeks.

    Thanks for all the questions!
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    Questions For The Developers 05/14/2013 Through 06/01/2013

    toolkit68 asks:
    First of all i'd like to point out that the FAQ link in the other sticky leads nowhere.Can you fix that please?
    Thanks for pointing that out. It's been fixed.

    I do understand the goal to get paying customers and the general limitations of the free account to test out things. Would you consider a change regarding placement of a tent at least please?
    I'm considering other options for free accounts but nothing will change with the current limitations and system for at least a few months.

    The current system encourages new players to join existing tribes and seek help from other players, which in my opinion is a good thing.

    Regarding the use of one tool as a substitute for another. Could you make it easier to spot what is eligable substitution please? As a new player its impossible to see/know that a mallet can be used instead of a hammer i.e.
    I believe the only such case is the use of mallets and hammers. I will check this.

    Could you introduce a beginner level of the tools shears and saw pls?.
    I made a note to review the tools again when we are reworking weapon schemes within the next few months.

    Can you add tooltips to the buttons in the character creation pls?
    This is on our task list and will be done eventually.

    fatboy21007 asks:
    Any chance of us being able to move our totems( lift it out without loosing our entire tribe n being forced to reform).
    This has been asked many times before. The answer is the same, currently no. The potential problems caused and time and testing involved is not worth the benefits.

    Any chances of the *radiation areas* being push back a zone to let us explore more?
    Right now, no. There are two areas that are physically ready to be opened but as we are now working on a new resource distribution system, the data tables for these areas will need to be reworked. It's not a priority.

    Any chances of camp fires actually being brighter? I mean I light one and doesn't really feel like I have one going or heck im up for a new light source that is brighter.
    I've added this the suggestions list.

    Do you still plan to do a pve server in the near future?
    Only if the population grows to support this.

    MrDDT asks:
    Any plans on having an in game tutorial?
    Yes, and this is being worked on slowly right now.

    Can you give us some details on your opinion on what hunting should be like or PVE? Things like basic hunting, risky/dangerous things, rewards, what you expect the world PVE to be like, goals of players you expect them to do?
    Creatures ranging from easy (can be handled by a starting player) to difficult (require a group of veteran players) with the material rewards increasing with the power of creatures and with the distribution of creatures ranging from easier along the shores of the lake and more difficult along the edges of the green mist.

    That's how the system and we continue to strive for balance based on feedback.

    Regarding player goals and my expectations: My goal is to provide an open world and system so that players can set their own goals and create their own gameplay experience.
    Very few items on the distribution table is rare. I know you plan on updating this table with the new recipes, my question is, What are your thoughts on how regional items and rarities of these items should work and how would they promote trading/economy?

    The new distribution system will make items more region specific with more valuable items and in particular materials being found in more dangerous regions. This is intended to promote trade as nobody will be able to sit in one area and obtain everything they need, but will have to travel or trade.

    We should be testing the new distribution in a week or two.

    FrostyMug asks:
    Can we get a sorting system in the containers that allows for quick stacking like items?
    Yes, auto stacking in containers been added and will be available for player testing this week.

    Can we get some Chat options to increase the font and change the colors for the chat?
    This is in our suggestions list already in the 'fit in when there is time' category.

    Can we get a Social are sorting for online only to show in Friend and Tribe tabs?
    This is in our suggestions list already in the 'fit in when there is time' category.

    Can we get a Idea when the Mackinaw fish will at least be stackable?
    This will be fixed when cooking is added which is scheduled for this summer. The Mackinaw is a huge fish and was set up to be realistic where it would need to be cut up for cooking.

    Can Hunting be a more gradual skill instead of the almost imposible task as a noob even with focus on str and weapon?
    Hunting should be easier now with the reduced hp and power of small creatures.

    Can we get a faster decay on the Hundreds of totems that are months old as still there?
    No, I believe that the current tribe decay is fair.

    Can we get a cost for someone to plant a totem?
    It's in the suggestion list, but I'm not convinced that it's a good idea to add more barriers for players to start a tribe and get to the features they primarily enjoy such as building.

    Can we get a climbing skill so we can chase the fuzzy bunnies up the cliffs?
    The real solution is improving collision on the server to slow creatures running up hill. Currently animals were set to cross any slope to prevent problems we were having with creatures getting stuck too often.

    Can we make upkeep a requirement on the totems that protect land?
    If you mean that tribe land would shrink if an amount of upkeep is not provided, no. It's not something that I agree with.

    Can we get the ability to add channels like Alliance chat Fishing Chat Mason chat Tailor Chat Wains Chat and a trade chat would be nice?
    Yes, it's possible and it's on the suggestions list.

    GreenSpade asks:
    Would be good to even have a tribe1 tribe2 tribe3 channels, have them edit able so we can just call them whatever we want.
    As above. I currently can't estimate a date for chat improvements, but we'll see after the current In Development rounds.

    Snakepit asks:
    Is it possible to change the information that a trade totem shows when i look at alley goods on my own trade totem. At the moment the lower window shows no detailed information of ally goods at a distance. I think its good to know this information before i start travel.
    I will check. If this is a quick to add improvement, I will add it.

    Second question, is it possible to show not only direction and distance for alley goods but also the zone where the trade totem is located. Now i ask my self what will be more fun. Direction and distance so you have to search more or travel to coordinate exact position.
    I will check this also. I may add the region but not zone number / position.

    vaudevillian asks:
    Was wondering if you are going to optimize the game window for triple monitor setups? Right now in triple monitors the zoom function is very zoomed in and cant zoom out.
    Sorry, right now, I have to say no. I don't even have a set up to test this.

    Another question is world size, I have seen the world map and it looks awesome and was wondering when the current borders are going to be expanded to mach the world map?
    Possibly in a few months. As stated above, there are two large areas that are physically ready but would need new distribution data set up.

    Is it possible to see tunneling in the game as in mining tunnel?
    I would very much like to add this, but it would require a complete revision of the ground system. It's not feasible in the near future.

    Glorp asks:
    When will you up the loot tables for Saw blades and will you make them available in Most Scav Piles
    This is being done right now with a completely revised scavenging distribution table.

    Thanks for the all the questions!

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    Questions For The Developers 06/02/2013 Through 09/23/2013

    osteth asks:
    I have been attempting to set up quests and such to help new players out just outside of founders. however i have run in to some snags in the use of the quest totem. All quests types seem to function as a "collect" quest effectively eliminating all use of the craft and hunt quest types. Is there a way we could get this changes to were it checks if the player has crafted or hunted certain items/creatures?
    I will check quests this week. Hunting and Crafting quests should require the person completing the quest to hunt and craft the delivered items.

    secondly, is there any change of a batch post feature for quests?? I would love to provide more quests but many quests it takes me longer to post the quest than it does for me to collect the items myself (IE: collect 50 granite)

    I've added this to my suggestions list.

    Finally, is there any chance we could get an explore quest type. I would like to send players to explore places within the game that I find to be interesting much in the same way people go Geo-caching IRL. I think the simplest way for this to be accomplished would be for the quest totem to place a unique token(or unique token vending bin pending batch posting ability) in your bag upon building the quest that the player can take to points of interest or hide them places for added difficulty and make then the totem could accept the unique token in the same fashion as a collect quest.
    Explore quests are planned (though not in this fashion). I do like the geo-cache suggestion and have designed a similar system for treasure hunting quests in the future. When I work on quests again I will definitely consider this.

    Thank you for the positive comments.

    Whorlok asks:
    In the mountains are living lizards! ....would you bring also those lizards as a animal and with a mutant lizard who looks like this on my screen?
    Someday. Right now I'm not planning on adding any new creatures for a while as I don't have the artists.

    the arrows would make a woodcrafter? with many variations (metal,wood,plastic,with feather and so on)?
    Bows and arrows are planned as a separate craft. Yes, there will be many variations.

    Deacon asks:
    in your guestimate, how far away is ranged combat?
    I can't guess right now. Right now I'm working on farming and cooking. There are a few features also near completion including terrain reversion on public lands and resource upkeep. Once those are wrapped up I will see what feature is most in demand. Most likely that will be ranged combat.

    Arkonick asks:
    When or will you ever make a non pvp server for the pve player base?
    Although PvP is an integral part of Xsyon's original design, I do understand there is a demand for a PvE server. I plan to open a PvE server if there is enough of a population to support two servers. Right now there isn't and I think that setting up a separate server would just divide the current population without attracting enough new players. The active player population has been on the rise the past two months though and we're getting increased traffic to the site (despite having less forum activity). I do have a potential solution in mind to keep PvE and PvP players on one server without conflict. The details and testing of this will happen in the next round of development, after what is listed on our In Development page.

    Thank you for the positive feedback. It's greatly appreciated.

    MrDDT asks:
    With the introduction of female only armor sets are the other armor sets going to be for male only? If not, what's your plans on having a male only armor set? Or options to change to a female toon?

    Right now I have no pending plans to add male only armor sets. Some are designed for the future, but I can't afford the artists to create them. The female only sets were created a while back and had been sitting around requiring only minimal work to complete.

    If any players would like to switch to a female toon, I am ok with that. This can be done by emailing support with a request.

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    Questions For The Developers 09/24/2013 Through 10/21/2013

    Thurgond asks:
    One point on the current round's In Development list is:

    • Additional tools required for gathering actions

    Are we talking about tools or weapons? E.g. to gather rocks will you need a stone chisel (tool) or a pick (weapon).
    In some cases weapons (such as picks). In most cases, tools in your pack.

    Will all gathering actions require tools? I.E. will you need a rake to gather leaves, or can you use hands?
    Yes, though optionally the system may allow for gathering by hand or tools. Gathering with tools would have better results.

    Do you consider foraging and scavenging gathering actions?
    Scavenging, no. Foraging, most likely no, but I haven't decided.

    Will the quality or level of the tool affect the quality or quantity of the resource gathered? E.g. currently a starter's stabby combat blade gets the same results from hunting as a supreme quality blade. Or a basic sickle gathers one grass and a masters sickle four.
    The intention is to have tools affect the quality of the final resource gathered. In some cases the amount gathered may also be increased. This would cause problems for bundle items such as grass though, as you wouldn't be able to gather more than the room in your bundle.

    Will there be specific tools/weapons for gathering? E.g. wood axes vs. war axes; skinning/boning knives vs. combat blades.
    With this round, no.

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    Questions For The Developers 10/22/2013 Through 01/25/2014

    MrDDT asks:

    What do you propose tribes do when unwanted players drop a totem near your tribal area? Whether it's because they are messing up scavenging piles, or terraforming, or killing off animals, or cutting/planting trees, or removing grass, paving roads, aggressive players etc. Many reasons I can see why many players want sort of a clearer area around their tribes free of this type of stuff.

    How do players deal with this?
    It's up to players. If players cross the line into making the game unpleasant for others, then we deal with the specific situation. It's difficult to set a rule with the server as it is. When we have PvE and PvP servers it will easier to define what is acceptable.

    I noticed you said we are changing to a single currency system, what currency and how is that going to work? Do you plan on adding uses/value to currency? What about denominations?
    The currency will be dollar bills. There will be no denominations as that would just add unnecessary complexity when the goal is to simplify the use of currency. The amounts required for upkeep will be increased. Future uses for currency are under consideration.

    NorCalGooey asks:

    Can you please back the new single currency with nails that can be withdrawn from the trade outpost thing near founders?

    The only reason any fiat currency has value in other games is because you can always redeem it for items of real value that the players use in the game. ALWAYS.

    This can be the case with Xsyon too, without using NPCs. Just make sure players can always swap their currency for nails at a fixed rate.
    I may have some items you can buy with currency in the future at a general totem, but most likely not nails. The upkeep system was intended as a sink for currency (similar to repair bills in other games). Upkeep is currently trivial and needs to be adjusted so that currency has some value simply for upkeep. Once that has been established, I will consider other currency sinks.

    Are you open to anyone helping you with this game or do you have some strange desire to do everything yourself?

    I tried asking you last January but you shut me down.
    I'd work for 10 hours a week for free, designing concept for new content and balancing the math behind new systems.

    Literally I just don't get how people can offer to work for free and you still turn them down.

    Apologies for any rudeness. We are all just a little frustrated with the lack of flexibility. Very difficult to believe that in 3 years no one else offerred to help you with this game. I mean, the last thing the artists even created since the architecture changes in 2012... was a) carts and b) female armor sets.. c)... trade totems?

    Really? They could do a lot more than that. Who knows, maybe they have. Maybe all the art is done for archery, farming, etc etc and they are just waiting on the the code to be complete
    I have always accepted volunteers. You were sent a standard NDA and I never received a response. While I greatly appreciate volunteer assistance, unfortunately our past acceptance of volunteer work has had an overall detrimental effect on development.

    Because of past experiences, I currently first make sure that the assistance offered fits with our current needs and my vision of the game. I then prepare initial tasks for volunteers to ensure that my time is not wasted.

    Thanks for the questions.
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    Questions For The Developers 01/26/2014 Through 02/26/2014

    MrDDT asks:
    You posted this over a week ago in your blog post/updates area. Can we get an update/information you said would give in this coming week (over a week ago)?
    Yes, I apologize about that. I did start writing up descriptions of the coming systems, but with one distraction after another I did not complete the descriptions and therefore I did not post. When I do have time to do this I will. For now my time is consumed with trying to wrap up current bug fixes, optimizations and the tutorial.

    tinesionnach1 asks:
    I have noticed when it rains in game we get an uncomfort count down in the top corner of the screen, Are there plans to make this a debuff and will it apply to snow as well, I think it would be cool if your out side in snow it adds a encumbrance Debuff like everything you carry is 10% more to your encumbrance bar.
    Yes it was intended to affect a player's actions. It's still on my huge list of improvements.

    Are there any plans to freeze over the lake in the winter season?
    Sounds neat, but no.

    Can there be deposit only setting put on bins, I know many times tribe mates want to leave me stuff but new tribe members may not know its stuff for me and will take it out.
    Please post this in the Suggestion list. Although players have requested more complex permission settings, these are not things I originally planned on having in game. I will consider it but not in the near future. There is too much already in progress.

    One solution for now is for you to have a bin or building set aside for items deposited for you with instructions (on the label for example) to other tribe mates to not withdraw items.

    You could also follow one of the proposals set by xsyoncity:

    Here is one work around for the bin question using existing rules...... The owner of Bin could set permissions to private so that bin cannot be moved except by him.... then adjust the lock to family or friends.... then add you and the other players that understand what that stuff is for .... that way only you and the owner (and other knowledgeable players) could remove stuff from the Bin. Amyone in tribe with proper tribal permissions granted by leader could also break that lock, but, i suspect that those permissions would not be given to new players..... Also Bin naming of "Deposit Only" could help to alleviate the problem..... ;-).
    Are the upcoming farms going to be only placed on tribe lands or can they be built off of the tribe land?
    On tribe lands only. Farms off tribe lands would cause too many problems.

    Thanks for the questions!
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    Questions For The Developers 02/26/2014 Through 03/18/2014

    znaiika asks:
    My question is, why ranged combat is postponed again?
    I is it hard to implement? I would rather have ranged combat before agriculture and cooking.
    It's not difficult to implement, but I need to resolve current desynchronization issues first and those are difficult to resolve. Farming and cooking have taken priority as they have been highly requested by players.

    Wilson423 asks:
    With the release of the new PvE server do you plan on giving players a stat re-roll? Most older players have probably used the three allotted ones and PvE changes the game a bit for stat requirements if your not a hunter.
    This is a reasonable request. I will add a stat adjustment to all players this Friday during maintenance.

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    Questions For The Developers 03/18/2014 Through 04/21/2014

    Ledjlale asks:
    I’m interested about your concept of PvE. Would it be just a “city builder” with some monsters/quests/scripted NPC/monsters or else?
    A city builder with an increasing number of tools and abilities that allow players to create adventures for and interact with other players. The plan is also to introduce elements such as achievements and collectibles.

    To be more precise : will you integrate a NPC faction that can capture our town and seek to expand their power (and not just wandering)? (same system as a PvP mode but opponents are replaced by bots)
    No. I'm not considering anything like this for the PvE server right now.

    I found a very good description of a PvE world :

    “As for combat goals, the world would be such that player hubs are all friendly to each other (or at least non-combative), and all players fight against a common enemy faction. This factions goal would be, of course, world domination, and player actions would determine just how close that faction is to its goal. As the world would ideally be larger than what the player population could occupy, the enemy faction would be in control of different areas at different times, based mostly on where the current player population has chosen to establish itself (more on this in a different post about housing/cities).”

    => Will it be one of your goal? If yes, what is your priority and is it your primary, secondary, last or optional goal?

    And if you can answer, what do you think about the previous description on syncaine and what are the differences in your goals?
    I agree with a lot of what is in that description. Many of my goals are similar. Finding the correct balance for progression and systems has been the most difficult and time consuming aspect of development, but is improving over time.

    Regarding players uniting to fight against a common enemy, my original design planned on an epic storyline with an enemy faction that players would struggle against. The original design, however, was intended as large budget game and was scaled down a lot. For now, it's not really worthwhile to think about 'what could have been'. In the near future, something like this isn't in the plans for Xsyon, but it will certainly keep improving and evolving!

    MrDDT Asks:
    Are there any planned updates for doing anything with the PVP server?
    The current round of development is focused on updates that will affect and improve both servers (tutorial, terrain reversion, farming and cooking).

    The next planned update for improving PvP is again to attempt to address 'desynch' issues. This has been worked on several times and is not an easy issue to resolve. A major issue right now is the speed that players are allowed to move during combat. Imagine two players in different parts of the world with an average 200 ms delay between them. Players moving at 1 meter / second are going to need less positional adjustment than players moving at 10 meters / second.

    Many games address 'desynch' by having servers local to nearby players. (I've experienced much of the same 'desynch' issues we have with Xsyon when playing other games on a US West Coast server from Russia). The original design for combat forced players into walk mode during combat. This was a deliberate decision made to reduce inevitable 'desynch' between players from around the world with variable ping to our servers, but it didn't sit well with the player base and was changed.

    A huge benefit and primary goal of having a separate PvP server is that we will be able to add specific features, balance systems and allow for less restrictive game play on the PvP server that will please PvP players without alienating PvE players.

    It's going to take time though. For now, the launch of the PvE server has greatly improved Xsyon's situation and development will continue on the current round as planned.

    Arkonick asks:
    Are there plans to add more swings that are more player controlled like thrust, above attack, left high attack, right high attack, side swing left, side swing right, Lower left swing, and lower right swing? Something like a small ui on the side that pops up when you enter combat and you click on the swing you want to do, also it could be tagged to the Numpad as well as programmable.
    Those swings do currently exist and are manually controlled my your mouse movement. Currently the only effect is what armor / body part it hits on your opponent and is countered by the direction of your opponent's parry.

    Do you plan on updating skins in the future of terrain and tree bark skins?
    I'd like to, but not for a while. The mid and distant textures need work in my opinion. Foreground, the texturing is fine and we'll likely add better and more varied grass and ground details before revising foreground textures.

    Are there plans in the future for a new system of building multi story building's?
    Yes, but it will require an improved collision system, which is a major task. I may allow direct multi story building before a new collision system is implemented, but it could have some issues.

    What Engine is Xsyon running on and do you plan or think you might change game engines in the future when Funds allow it?
    Xsyon is running on its own proprietary engine. Switching to a new engine would be a huge task with little benefit so it's not likely. This of course depends on what engines are released in the future.

    Do you plan on adding a target nearest object hotkey to battle the random stacks that vanish under ground? Would this be able to target the nearest stack hidden under ground and allow the player to destroy or pick it up to lighten the support tickets for this issue?
    I'll think about it and have added this to my suggestion list. Although it's an annoyance, there aren't too many help tickets for this issue right now.

    Will you eventually allow people to change rock terrain? As of right now you get a msg can't lower or raise cause rock. It makes no since that one can't throw dirt on top of that rock changing the rock to dirt so one could raise and lower that land. So will we ever be able to lower land with a rock surface using dirt or rock so if it is rock maybe having stone would allow you to raise it and a pick to allow for lowering the rock surface.
    I'll also think about it. Rock is restricted so that players don't end up destroying mountains. With terrain reversion coming in however, I can revisit this. I'm going to focus on the current things already in development first though!

    treenie asks:
    Are there any plans to change the payment system in the future from a free with limitations vs subscription model.

    Maybe to something along the lines of:
    Free - Keep same skill limits e.t.c.
    One off payment - Remove skill limit but xp gain is slower, can start tribes but limited to amount of members e.t.c.
    Subscription - Same as now but slight increase in xp gain

    Just wondering if this would stimulate player growth and help get an extra boost of cashflow towards the development of the game
    I am considering testing out allowing less restrictions for free players. The current system is intended to give free players a trial of the game rather than becoming a permanent way of playing the game. Simply having a subscription give a slight increase in xp gain would likely make most current players cancel subscriptions. That would not be good.

    The 'Free to Play' model generally depends on a small percentage of players that pay a lot per month to offset a large percentage of players that pay little to nothing. They also thrive on disguising the cost of play from players and leading players into paying more than they normally would with a flat subscription model.

    Xsyon doesn't currently have incentives for players to pay more than the monthly subscription fee for one account. Switching to a typical 'Free to Play' model would require adding incentives that would make some players spend in excess of $100 per month. That's currently not feasible with Xsyon, nor is it a direction I would like to head.

  10. #90
    Questions For The Developers 04/21/2014 Through 04/30/2014

    Sparky asks:
    I'm wondering if you have any plans for a canoe or row boat for quick lake crossing or handy fishing?
    Not for a while.

    Any plans to be able to bind at different totems?
    Yes, but not exactly. Players will be able to bind at buildings when I revive the Real Estate system which was developed and in testing a while back. The system had a few issue of what happens when a Tribe gets disbanded so it was shelved, but it will be back.

    A bulletin board system for messages?
    Yes, this is on my list of things to squeeze in when I can. Improvements on that list do get implemented (quite a few are making it into the current patch.)

    Player made notes in bins for quests?
    Interesting. I'll put this on my list.

    Glorp asks:
    Since you split the servers, scavenging for BP's has become close to non existent. I have heard hearsay that the loot table was changed to help the economy grow and make currency worth something.
    The tables haven't changed since last August when they were revised.

    Any chance you will be upping the % for BP's to drop?
    I'll look into this after farming and cooking are patched out.

    Sister and I have set up a trading hub which has worked fairly well but the business will dry up if we cant acquire what people want to buy.
    Yes, I've been paying attention to this. It's exactly what I was hoping players would do. It does seem to be working well so far. Thanks!

    MrDDT asks:
    I've done some testing with blue print drops and they seem to be the same as before. Xsyon any chance you can run your tests to see what the % chance of them dropping is?Because some people report finding zero, while others are finding them same as before?
    I ran some tests. I ran 10,000 scavenges in every region with skill at 75 and without any tribes in range. Here are the results:

    Architecture blueprints: Range from 10/10,000 to 200/10,000: 1/1000 to 1/50
    Other schemes: Range from 250/10,000 to 500/10,000 : 1/40 to 1/20 scavenges

    It highly depends on the region and keep in mind that being on or close to tribe land will reduce the rate.

    Casondrah notes:
    Many of us who are active have noticed the droprate loss in BPs...including those who are just as active now as before the server split. We had multiple discussions about it in global a few weeks back trying to figure out if it was just a personal thing or an issue for others as well. A couple seem to have some luck, but the majority have noticed the same thing as Glorp...a drop in the droprate of BPs, arch in particular, after multiple days trying in areas all across the map.
    It is strange as nothing has changed as noted above. It could be that players are looking in the wrong regions, too close to tribe lands or both. I do need to focus on farming and cooking this month. The range of finding actual blueprints does range considerably as noted. I will look into revising the tables again after the farming and cooking patch.

    Anticules notes:
    I have not noticed any difference in the bp drop rate for myself on pvp server.
    Yes, it hasn't changed. Thanks!

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