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    Wink Hello I would be back...

    Ofc i am back again checking up on the most promising of games i know of atm...

    Ive been checking over the forums etc.. Jus wondering if anyone would be kind enuff to fill me in on what features are now available ingame? Its been a while since i checked it out.. Looks promising, from wot i understand building is now implimented?

    Jus wondering on wot exactly is available ingame as im still very very interested in purchasing it and getting my buds to join me even more so after reading how community orientated the developers are to listening to ideas

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    Xsyon is definitely making progress. Yeah, you can build now but buildings don't do anything for you. Also, an architect is the best craft for every tribe at the moment, all the other crafts are just grinders. You also still can't teach or learn any other crafts, you only stick with the one that you've started with. Clothing is useless as are weapons, I still don't really find the game to be playable yet. However, it is getting there...

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    Actually, even though we don't have tooltips telling us info on each weapon, different weapons do in fact cause more damage than others, but unarmed combat and shovel combat is still more powerful. Jooky definitely knows about that though and plans to fix it.

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