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Thread: Terraforming

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    I tried my best to figure out how "Level Terrain" works.
    To me it looks like the ground just changes randomly the direction in which part it is raised (or lowerd).

    I tried to move only one direction. The ground patterns become flat but at some time the part I leveld before becomes aslope again. frustrating..

    Is there a trick to raise or lower the side I exactly want?

    (hope you understand what I am talking about ^^)

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    Leveling seems to use the average of the 2 different elevation opposite sides of the tile you are currently standing upon. If all sides are different in elevation, the it will be the average of al 4 sides. It is hard to quantify, but standing on the high side of a sloped tile may round the average up and vice versa if you stand on the lower side of the tile. If the tile is already level, nothing will happen.

    Since leveling levels the tile you are currently standing on, it changes the slope of the surrounding 8 tiles to accomplish this. You may need to add or remove dirt, or go back and forth between tiles to level a larger area.

    Once you are within .10 in elevation difference between the high and low sides, it usually will take on the level of the higher .10 tile if you stand towards the higher side of the tile. Occasionally, the tile will go down .10, I haven't seen a definable pattern to this happening. Coming in at a different high side will usually solve this.

    To remove wrinkles or small peaks, you may need to lower or raise one unit, then reverse. This seems to level out wider areas as long as they are not too different in elevation.

    If you have pitted areas, places with several lower than desired elevations, you can raise terrain then slowly level the sides out in to the dips. The opposite works for larger areas that are slightly higher than desired.

    Leveling takes practice and patience to smooth out larger areas. Do it enough, and through trial and error, you will figure out the tricks.
    Perception is reality

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    thanks, looks like i found out how to do it

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    I've calculated the whole system and I'm thinking about making a guide. To be honest, when other people explain it to me, it seems like all they use is a pattern. While patterns may work, they're not always accurate.

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    a guide would be a great idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhonan View Post
    a guide would be a great idea
    There is a problem with that though, I'm afraid if I give out this information, I'd be at a disadvantage. I mean, because I know the calculation, that makes me an important terraformer. I've already gave out a little too much information to my last tribe, now I regret it. I think I'll create a basic guide instead.

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    Remember people, That when the game goes live. The position indicator goes bye bye.

    John Wooden ~ Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.
    Benjamin Spock ~ Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliksteel View Post
    Remember people, That when the game goes live. The position indicator goes bye bye.
    yeah, i truly hope he rethinks that level terraforming will be impossible without altitude...threfore causing everything placed on it to be cockeyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliksteel View Post
    Remember people, That when the game goes live. The position indicator goes bye bye.
    That is a very bad idea, starting to remind me of how user unfriendly Wurm Online was. That is definitely considered user unfriendly.

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    maybe terraforming gets an overhaul till release?
    some indicators on the ground would be nice, or a way to decide in which direction you pan the tile your standing on.

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