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    Ways to grind Arch

    k poped this up to give a idea of how it levels not sure tho if different buildings have different gains tho this is just one of my tests so far am conducting others to see if spamming certain buildings yields more gain.

    test 1 built 71 buildings town includes
    28 Pioneer Log Wall IV
    21 Lasdim Pup Tent
    17 Daya Cloth Tent
    5 Mupilp Tepee

    Before image

    After shot plus skill gain

    Unfortunately i forgot to take a shot with my Arch open before so if your wondering i started with every thing up to the Forager's Canopy
    also gained the Pioneer Wall I too it was just 1 under the Seer tepee

    going to conduct test next on spamming each type of building to see if certain types give more

    and this took about 4 days for those who are thinking of soloing a village be prepared for hell especially if your far from a junk yard.

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    k second test involved 30 Pioneer Log Walls and well learned a lot really based on on the 2 tests ,

    so far my theory is that you learn recipes based on what ever type of building you spam so if you spam any type of tent you will learn tents or if you spam walls you will learn wall recipes simple because in my first test i spammed at least 5 of every thing and i learned 1 of everything that i spammed , my second test i did here is that i spammed walls and learned a new wall

    before shot

    after shot

    going to do more test to find out if this is true but so far i believe it is my next test will be spamming the tepee to see if it is.

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    Well if that theory is true that would be bad....because i only got 3 Canopy recipe from start...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caduryn View Post
    Well if that theory is true that would be bad....because i only got 3 Canopy recipe from start...
    yes i have the same issue. started with the architecture skill (25) and i can only build the 3 different canopys. i built 3 canopy - no skillgain - no new recipes

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    You have to build 5 or 6 to get new recepie, keep biulding you'll get it.

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    sorry, but only to build one of those stupid canopys are a boring grind. why i should select the architecture skill, when i have only 3 useless recipes from the start?
    my friend started with other skills like logging and he had 5 or 6 recipes in architecture. this is not logical for me.

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    All starter recipes are random

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    yes but WHY i start with 3 recipes (architecture 25) and my friend with 6 (architecture 1)?

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    yep , if your desire anothers recipes to start building , rerolling ( maybe jordi is plan change in next patch , Dont sure i supossed )

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    okay thanks for the answer

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