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Thread: Chalk resource?

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    Chalk resource?

    Is chalk resource in game, or is it made from one of the current resources readily available?

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    It has yet to been found I believe.

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    Guide said it's not ingame yet...

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    we have a piece of chalk

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    Made chalk can be a item that you start with , thats how some people got theres is they re rolled toons till they got a few peices.Currently it takes chalk to make chalk and i dont think that is in gam eyet.

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    Yes Chalk has been found

    Chalk can be found in the Mountains in 1021,1022,982,983,942,943. Look for the Limestone patches while wandering the mountains. Chalk is not found near the water.

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    IRL chalk is found in the water of the NE section of Lake Tahoe. Apparently the water at the present time has a distinct bad taste and various Government groups are trying to solve the water problem. Mt Rose has big Chalk Area's and Shakespeare Peak has Chalk stains.

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    I didn't have to go far from my camp to find it, on the SE side of the lake near Round Hill. It will appear randomly and infrequently as a second in limestone deposits that are not directly near water, similarly to quartz and flint in granite.

    I am still wondering if your perception or other stats or skills allow you to notice these "rares" more frequently.


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