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Thread: The aweful Awl.

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    The aweful Awl.

    I can't friggin find the darn thing! Anyone know how to make an Awl or the equivalent?

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    Hm, only with Toolcrafting or asking someone in your near.

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    Great, thats what I thought... our toolcrafter doesn't have it lol. /facepalm

    Time to get his butt in gear I guess =/

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    for moment in case our toolcraft don have option to make

    ask for toolcraft about reroll or say in help , i think guide help you

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    I can craft a Wood Handle Awl and it isn't that strenuous to make. Unfortunately, with my bad timing, you probably already have an awl. :P

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    Didn't choose it to start, but ground Toolcrafting for a little bit and learned an Awl recipe.

    Unfortunately it requires bones....

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    I can make an awl if you are close to 823 and have patience to wait until tonight. It's simple, forager's awl, one rock and one spike, requires a hammer to make. If you are patient enough I'll give it to you for free but you can bring me any junk you find as a present, I wont say no

    /w PlagueBlack

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