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    Current list of every Architecture recipe

    Current list of every Architecture recipe updated 10/1/11

    -=Architecture Decor=-
    Ceremonial Spear
    Metal Trough
    Scrapper's Canopy
    Short Metal Ladder
    Long Metal Ladder
    Pioneer's Canopy
    Old Car Seat
    Forager's Canopy

    -=Architecture Fences=-
    Gatherer's Fence
    Forager's Fence
    Scruffer's Fence

    -=Architecture Flooring=-
    Wooden Ply Floor
    Pioneer's Railing << Should be listed under fences?

    -=Architecture Gates=-
    Yabi Fortress Gate(metal sheets)
    Tagi Wood Gate
    Aawi Wood Gate(granite block)

    -=Architecture Huts=-
    Dewgo Hut
    Itbaba Hut
    Sasdim Hut(metal sheets(concrete)
    Gugelewil Hut(metal sheets(concrete)
    Diwihli Hut(concrete)
    Grehund Hut

    -=Architecture Posts=-
    Yakid Stone Post
    Yakitil Stone Corner Post
    Matus Cement Post
    Gelenkun Stone Post
    Lenkun Stone Corner Post

    -=Architecture Roofs=-
    Small Log Roof
    Medium Log Roof

    -=Architecture Rooms=-
    Migiyi Seer Teepee
    Mupilp Teepee
    Itbaba Teepee
    Metal Smoke House

    -=Architecture Tents=-
    Wamas Leather Tent
    Detumu Chief Tent
    Tulista Stick Tent
    Daya Cloth Tent
    Asdim Metal Tent
    Meki Box Tent
    Lumberjack's Tent
    Lasdim Pup Tent
    Llhaw Post Tentlamp post

    -=Architecture Walls=-
    Spiked Log Wall
    Sheet Metal Wall
    Pioneer Log Wall I
    Pioneer Log Wall II
    Pioneer Log Wall III
    Pioneer Log Wall IV
    Pioneer Log Wall V
    Rough Branch Barricade
    Branch Barricade
    Limestone Wall

    Currently 52.
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    Ingame name: Viert

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    YEah Viert

    That list is right

    Great job!

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    Awesome list.

    Has anyone seen the roofs or flooring? Got a screenie?

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    are the gates in the game yet?

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    The gates are in game, but not functioning as gates yet apparently. Hopefully that will be fixed once all the other stuff they are fixing for re-release is done.

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    by re-release you mean next friday, march 15th ot the after prelude ?

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