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    pre ordering issues

    ok i submitted post on the xyson support site but ill also state my problem here
    after logging in an going to preorder i hit a bump the preorder page said my transaction didnt go thrue so i tried again after the second time i tried the preorder site said it didnt go thrue frustrated i went to my bank page to see if i had enuff funds to my supprise i am being charged for xsyon 2 times so i decided ok it went thrue checked my subscription on the acccount page and it sayd i was a free subsciber with only public forum accesss.

    after a few min i tried the installer for chits an giggles no luck there eather

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    hello xmechna can you log into the IRC chat please, link in menu bar

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    there has always been a problem with this or atleast for a long long time, not so sure on the charging you 2 times , as far as that it didn't happen to me. Did you check for the client dl email to you?

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    This was a bank issue and is being dealt with.

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