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    Post Current list of every Leathercraft recipe

    Current list of every Leathercraft recipe updated 14/1/11

    Leather Strap
    Leather Tarp

    Novice's Leather Helm
    Apprentice's Leather Helm
    Craftsman's Leather Helm
    Artisan's Leather Helm
    Adept's Leather Helm
    Mentor's Leather Helm
    Master's Leather Helm
    GrandMaster's Leather Helm

    -=Hayburn Set=-
    Heyburn Pants
    Heyburn Shirt
    Heyburn Mocassins

    -=Cedarrat Set=-
    Cedarrat Greaves
    Cedarrat Chest Plate
    Cedarrat Tire Tread Elbow Pads
    Cedarrat Hush Puppies
    Cedarrat Bracers
    Cedarrat Gloves
    Cedarrat Helmet
    Cedarrat Tire Tread Knee Pads
    Cedarrat Tire Tread Shoulder Pads
    Cedarrat Thigh Guards
    Cedarrat Arm Claws
    Cedarrat Belt
    Cedarrat Collar

    -=Malka Set=-
    Malka Bear Vest
    Malka Baby Bear Elbow Pads
    Malka Boots
    Malka Bear Bracers
    Malka Gloves
    Malka Bear Hat
    Malka Bear Knee Pads
    Malka Shoulder Pads
    Malka Thigh Straps
    Malka Arm Straps
    Malka Belt
    Malka Bear Collar

    -=Dagasli Set=-
    Dagasli Shin Guards
    Dagasli Coat
    Dagasli Elbow Pads
    Dagasli Boots
    Dagasli Bracers
    Dagasli Gloves
    Dagasli Helmet
    Dagasli Knee Pads
    Dagasli Shoulder Antlers
    Dagasli Thigh Straps
    Dagasli Arm Straps
    Dagasli Belt
    Dagasli Bandana

    -=Suina Set=-
    Suina Bear Greaves
    Suina Vest
    Suina Elbow Pads
    Suina Shoes
    Suina Bracers
    Suina Gloves
    Suina Headdress
    Suina Knee Straps
    Suina Shoulder Blade Straps
    Suina Thigh Pads
    Suina Arm Straps
    Suina Belt
    Suina Collar

    -=Desolation Set=-
    Desolation Shin Guards
    Desolation Shirt
    Desolation Elbow Pads
    Desolation Boots
    Desolation Bracers
    Desolation Gloves
    Desolation Helmet
    Desolation Knee Guards
    Desolation Shoulder Pads
    Desolation Thigh Guards
    Desolation Arm Bands
    Desolation Belt
    Desolation Necklace

    -=Minden Set=-
    Minden Shin Guard
    Minden Vest
    Minden Elbow Pads
    Minden Shoes
    Minden Bracers
    Minden Gloves
    Minden Helmet
    Minden Knee Band
    Minden Shoulder Pads
    Minden Thigh Guard and Pouch
    Minden Stealth Arm Band
    Minden Belt
    Minden Bandana

    -=Squaw Set=-
    Squaw Shin Guards
    Squaw Vest
    Squaw Elbow Bands
    Squaw Moccasin
    Squaw Bracers
    Squaw Gloves
    Squaw Headdress
    Squaw Knee Pads
    Squaw Shoulder Guards
    Squaw Thigh Guards
    Squaw Arm Bands
    Squaw Belt
    Squaw Bandana

    -=Lo-om Set=-
    Lo-om Shin Guards
    Lo-om Shirt
    Lo-om Elbow Bands
    Lo-om Moccasins
    Lo-om Bracers
    Lo-om Gloves
    Lo-om Headdress
    Lo-om Knee Pads
    Lo-om Shoulder Pads
    Lo-om Thigh Guards
    Lo-om Stealth Arm Bands
    Lo-om Belt
    Lo-om Collar

    -=Tahoe Set=-
    Tahoe Greaves
    Tahoe Iron Bellied Vest
    Tahoe Elbow Guards
    Tahoe Iron Strap Boots
    Tahoe Bracers
    Tahoe Gloves
    Tahoe Cowboy Hat
    Tahoe Knee Pads
    Tahoe Iron Shoulder Pads
    Tahoe Thigh Guards
    Tahoe Arm Pads
    Tahoe Belt
    Tahoe Bandana

    -=Lakeridge Set=-
    Lakeridge Greaves
    Lakeridge Vest
    Lakeridge Elbow Pads
    Lakeridge Boots
    Lakeridge Bracers
    Lakeridge Gloves
    Lakeridge Cowboy Hat
    Lakeridge Knee Pads
    Lakeridge Shoulder Pads
    Lakeridge Breeches
    Lakeridge Arm Bands
    Lakeridge Belt
    Lakeridge Scarf

    -=Homewood Set=-
    Homewood Greaves
    Homewood Vest
    Homewood Elbow Pads
    Homewood Shoes
    Homewood Bracers
    Homewood Gloves
    Homewood Cowboy Hat
    Homewood Knee Pads
    Homewood Shoulder Guards
    Homewood Breeches
    Homewood Arm Bands
    Homewood Belt
    Homewood Scarf

    -=Glendale Set=-
    Glendale Greaves
    Glendale Vest
    Glendale Elbow Pads
    Glendale Shoes
    Glendale Bracers
    Glendale Gloves
    Glendale Cowboy Hat
    Glendale Knee Pads
    Glendale Shoulder Guards
    Glendale Thigh Guards
    Glendale Arm Bands
    Glendale Belt
    Glendale Scarf

    -=Edgewood Set=-
    Edgewood Greaves
    Edgewood Shirt
    Edgewood Elbow Pads
    Edgewood Boots
    Edgewood Forearm Bands
    Edgewood Gloves
    Edgewood Cowboy Hat
    Edgewood Knee Pads
    Edgewood Shoulder Pads
    Edgewood Thigh Pads
    Edgewood Arm Pads
    Edgewood Belt
    Edgewood Bandana

    -=Jacks Set=-
    Jacks Shin Guards
    Jacks Shirt
    Jacks Elbow Guard
    Jacks Boots
    Jacks Bracers
    Jacks Gloves
    Jacks Cap
    Jacks Knee Pads
    Jacks Shoulder Guard
    Jacks Thigh Pads
    Jacks Arm Guards
    Jacks Belt
    Jacks Bandana

    -=Spooner Set=-
    Spooner Greaves
    Spooner Vest
    Spooner Elbow Pads
    Spooner Boots
    Spooner Bracers
    Spooner Gloves
    Spooner Fidora
    Spooner Knee Pads
    Spooner Shoulder Pads
    Spooner Thigh Straps
    Spooner Arm Straps
    Spooner Belt
    Spooner Bandana

    -=Genoa Set=-
    Genoa Calf Straps
    Genoa Padded Armor
    Genoa Elbow Bands
    Genoa Boots
    Genoa Forearm Straps
    Genoa Gloves
    Genoa Helmet
    Genoa Knee Pads
    Genoa Shoulder Guard
    Genoa Thigh Guard
    Genoa Arm Band
    Genoa Belt
    Genoa Collar

    -=Celcel Set=-
    Celcel Racoon Shin Guards
    Celcel Racoon Vest
    Celcel Elbow Bands
    Celcel Moccasins
    Celcel Bracers
    Celcel Gloves
    Celcel Racoon Headdress
    Celcel Knee Pads
    Celcel Shoulder Pads
    Celcel Hip Guards
    Celcel Arm Guards
    Celcel Loincloth
    Celcel Collar

    -=Hoga Set=-
    Hoga Greaves
    Hoga Vest
    Hoga Elbow Straps
    Hoga Boots
    Hoga Bracers
    Hoga Gloves
    Hoga Headdress
    Hoga Knee Straps
    Hoga Shoulder Pads
    Hoga Thigh Straps
    Hoga Arm Bands
    Hoga Loincloth
    Hoga Collar

    -=Angora Set=-
    Angora Greaves
    Angora Vest
    Angora Elbow Pads
    Angora Boots
    Angora Bracers
    Angora Gloves
    Angora Hat
    Angora Knee Pads
    Angora Shoulder Pads
    Angora Skirt
    Angora Arm Pads
    Angora Belt
    Angora Necklace

    -=Castle Rock Set=-
    Castle Rock Greaves
    Castle Rock Vest
    Castle Rock Elbow Pads
    Castle Rock Boots
    Castle Rock Bracers
    Castle Rock Gloves
    Castle Rock Racoon Hat
    Castle Rock Knee Pads
    Castle Rock Shoulder Pads
    Castle Rock Thigh Pads
    Castle Rock Arm Pads
    Castle Rock Belt
    Castle Rock Necklace

    -=Aloha Set=-
    Aloha Pineapple Gaiters
    Aloha Vest
    Aloha Elbow Bands
    Aloha Boots
    Aloha Studded Bracers
    Aloha Gloves
    Aloha Hat
    Aloha Knee Bands
    Aloha Spaulders
    Aloha Thigh Guards
    Aloha Arm Bands
    Aloha Belt
    Aloha Bandana

    -=Magoyota Set=-
    Magoyota Greaves
    Magoyota Vest
    Magoyota Elbow Pads
    Magoyota Shoes
    Magoyota Bracers
    Magoyota Gloves
    Magoyota Helm
    Magoyota Knee Guards
    Magoyota Spaulders
    Magoyota Breeches
    Magoyota Armbands
    Magoyota Sporran
    Magoyota Gorget
    Recipe Lists
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    Ingame name: Viert

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    Ugh could a mod please change the title?
    Recipe Lists
    Need to know a recipe? :click here!::WIKI:
    Ingame name: Viert

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    Dammit :P i transport this info to wiki 273 recipes

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